A kitchen remodel doesn’t need to cost a fortune. You can add a mix of traditional and modern touches to your kitchen and do that with a budget kitchen remodel. Have a look at some of our top budget kitchen remodel tips to learn how you can save some money on your next remodeling project.

Pay Attention to Kitchen Lighting

kitchen with pendant lighting

Probably the easiest and most economical way to remodel your kitchen is to change its lighting. Nobody likes a dull or shabby kitchen. If your kitchen looks that way, you can choose a variety of modern and contemporary lighting solutions to elevate your kitchen.

Along with that, you can also install dimmers, under-cabinet lights, or floor lighting. If you want something unique, pendant lighting on your kitchen countertop is the right way to go.

Refinishing the Cabinets

budget kitchen remodel with two-tone cabinets

Image Source: Sidekix Media – Unsplash

Refinishing a cabinet is another budget-friendly way to start your kitchen remodeling. Changing your cabinet’s knobs and pulls is fast as well as inexpensive. You can also redesign your cabinet with other simple hardware that can give a new look.

Besides that, adding cabinet liners is also a great way. Adding cabinet liners will ensure the hiding of weathered woods and protect new cabinets from wear and tear. Further, you can also try changing up your cabinet doors to give it a contemporary feel.

Stenciling Tiles

Budget kitchen remodel with tile stenciling

Removing the old tiles from your backsplash or kitchen walls and replacing them with newer ones can be quite expensive. Stenciling tiles will take away this expense and give your kitchen a new look. Besides this, tile stencils are easy to find and are easy to apply. You can also use them yourselves without hiring a professional. Interestingly, stenciling the old tiles will also save you from the hassle of replacing them and save you a lot of money in the process.

Painting Your Floors

Although this method doesn’t work for floors made with natural stone like granite, it works best with wood flooring. If your kitchen has old wood flooring and has lost its charm over the years, repainting it can be the best option. Even though it is the cheaper option, the final cost will depend on your kitchen’s size.

Use Open Shelves

Budget kitchen remodel with open shelving

Image Source: Edgar Castrejon – Unsplash

Elongated and open shelving on the wall of your kitchen can give it a modern twist. Along with that, different colored shelves on the walls are a treat to the eyes. To take it a step further, open shelves in a grid pattern can give your kitchen a great look and improve your kitchen design.

Paint on the Walls

Even in large remodeling projects, you need to paint some spaces in your kitchen. So, if you are looking for an instant makeover that fits your budget, nothing can beat wall paint. Adding a few touches of different colors on the walls can give a unique look to your kitchen.

Retouching Countertops

kitchen with white countertop

Image Source: Sidekix Media – Unsplash

You don’t need to replace the entirety of your kitchen countertop space. Instead, you can pull off a portion of a countertop that you think doesn’t fits well and replace it with a completely different one. Besides that, adding different countertops to your kitchen will give it a contemporary touch. In case you have granite countertops, add one portion of a wooden countertop, and you can instantly feel the change.

Use Rack Suspensions

Cookwares take up a lot of space. But with rack suspensions, you don’t need to worry about that. Moreover, using rack suspensions will make the kitchen flow more efficient and create more space in your cabinets. Further, hanging cookwares look beautiful and can give that ‘homely’ look to your kitchen. Not to forget, rack suspensions are easy to fit in your budget.

Add a New Benchtop

Swapping your old benchtop with a new one is a great budget kitchen remodel idea. An independent laminate or timber top that is screwed to a cabinet looks great. In addition to this, it will save space and give it a necessary makeover.

Upcycle Old Furniture

You don’t always need new furniture while remodeling your kitchen. Instead, you can take those old tables and chairs then turn them into your brand new kitchen dining solutions by painting them. You can either hire a professional or do it yourself to save that extra and invest the money on something else.

Buy a New Appliance (or Refinish Them)

Kitchen with modern appliances

Image Source: Sidekix Media – Unsplash

You don’t need to replace existing appliances; replacing a single appliance is enough to give your kitchen a new look. You need to ensure an appliance that will fit into the available space and spice up your kitchen.

Similarly, you can also panel the appliances with the same design as your cabinets to hide them and give your kitchen a more cohesive look.

Improve the Kitchen Storage

You will be shocked to see how much you have accumulated over the years. First, you have to organize your kitchen.

Once you’ve done that, you can make small changes to your existing storage solutions. For instance, shelf inserts are a great way of doubling up storage in your cabinets.

Use Curtains

Adding curtains to your kitchen windows is a design tactic to rejuvenate your kitchen space. Besides that, curtaining will protect them from dust. However, choosing the right curtain fabric and color that emphasizes the kitchen’s overall look is necessary. Remember, curtains should go well with background and walls.

Sometimes, no matter how much you plan for the cost of your kitchen remodel, you have to make compromises somewhere. In that case, it is better to divide the work into stages. For instance, you can add lighting this month and keep the countertop for the next. By following these steps and ideas, your budget kitchen remodel will live up to your dreams.