There are many areas of the kitchen you can redesign for your remodeling project. So, there?s a lot of planning that goes into the kitchen design renovation process. Therefore, it?s important to have an expert on your team to help you out. At Mimosa Kitchen and Bath, our professionals will help you with the design and completion of your kitchen remodel. But for the sake of this article, we will cover one key area of your kitchen design renovation ? the lighting.

There are two ways you can improve the lighting in your cooking space ? naturally or artificially. If you don?t have the ability to add more or bigger windows to your home, then you can just focus on implementing beautiful new light fixtures. Let?s look at some of the lighting options you can consider for your kitchen remodeling project.

kitchen with recessed lights

Recessed Lights for Your New Kitchen Design

You?ll find that recessed lights are and likely always will be a popular choice for kitchen remodeling. These are the fixtures that disappear into your ceiling, giving a greater sense of openness and space. They also don?t require as much cleaning since they don?t become as dusty as chandelier or other hanging lights. This is especially a good option if you have a high ceiling where it?s difficult to clean your lighting. Just make sure you have ample open space above your ceiling, so they can be installed. The ceiling joists tend to make it harder to find a location for recessed light installations.

For instance, if your kitchen is beneath your upstairs bathroom, then the plumbing and wiring can be a problem. Also, keep in mind that recessed lights offer limited areas of illumination. So, you?ll need to design it so that you have sufficient lighting to cook, prep and eat in the evening. To illuminate a broad area, you?ll need to install enough lights in the region. If they?re too spaced out, then it may not work well without other forms of lighting. The kitchens design with the best potential for recessed lighting are those with unfinished, insulated attics above it. The contractor you hire will be able to assess the best areas to install recessed lights, if at all inside of your kitchen.

kitchen design with surface lights

Surface Lights for Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Another lighting option are surface fixtures. These typically have a small mushroom shape with a bulb that?s about 2 ft by 4 ft. These are single bulb fixtures with multiple tubes. Surface lights have attach greatly to the ceiling. No need to worry about what?s in the space above it like with recessed lights. Then if you?re looking for fixtures that will provide a wide range of light, then this is ideal. It?s been commonly in the kitchen since the early 20th century. When recessed lights came out in the 1980s, surface lights weren?t as frequently used.

Then later, surface lights made a comeback as people realized closed ceiling lights had better efficiency and were more attractive. However, if you like both forms of lights, you can always use a combination of the two in your kitchen design remodel. Just keep in mind that surface lights tend to break up the visual expanse of the kitchen design. Plus, you?ll have to keep them clean by dusting them off every now and then.

kitchen design with pendant lights

Pendant Lights for Kitchen Remodeling Projects

If recessed and surface lights aren?t for you, you can always go with pendant lights. This is more of specialized type of surface lighting. What makes these lights attractive for the kitchen setting is that they provide closer light to the area they?re installed above. This is a great option if you?re looking for task lighting. You?ll frequently find this being installed above a kitchen island. It gives light to the island, as well as the area around it.

In recent years, pendant lights have grown in popularity because of their efficiency. They have open metal shades and a single bare light bulb. However, you can also opt for a fixture with a cluster of pendants. There are various models and styles to select from, including Tiffany and post-modern varieties. You can add one or more of these fixtures into your kitchen design, along with other styles of kitchen lights.

lights being installed in kitchen design

Installing Lighting for Your Kitchen Design Remodel

At Mimosa Kitchen and Bath, we have a team of contractors who can help with your kitchen remodeling project. This includes installing your lighting, painting your walls, installing flooring, implementing new stone countertops and integrating cabinet. Our licensed professionals are available to assist you with the design of your kitchen remodel. We have electricians, plumbers and construction experts that can handle all aspects of your kitchen renovation.

Why Choose Mimosa Kitchen and Bath?

If you ask any of the customers we?ve provided kitchen remodeling services to, they?ll tell you about the quality we offer. This includes the high-end products we sell and the craftsmanship of our installations. We have a great selection of products from leading brands. This includes cabinets, stone countertops, sinks, faucets and tile flooring. If you need backsplashes, painted walls and lighting installed, we can assist with that as well.

The stone options we have available include granite, marble and engineered quartz. All our products come backed with a band warranty. Since we?re a locally owned and operated business, you can stop by our showroom in Ellicott City to see our products for yourself. You can hand select the ones you want, and we will deliver it quicker than any big box store will. Our licensed, bonded and insured contractors will install the products and materials you select. We fabricate and prepare the items prior to the installation based on the measurements we take during the initial consultation.

You won?t find any other kitchen remodeling company in the area that provides better prices or quality of service. Contact us today to get started with your free estimate!