Are you remodeling your small kitchen and unsure about how much it will cost? Before you begin the kitchen remodeling process, you need to know about the small kitchen remodel costs to help you plan your budget the right way.

It’s no longer an oddity to have a small kitchen, in fact, it is more or less the norm. Let’s look at a few ways to maximize your kitchen and lower the not-so-small kitchen remodel costs that come with it.

According to recent statistics, an average small kitchen remodel costs $6,600 – $18,000. Wondering about the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel? Cabinets and countertops are the single most expensive big-ticket items in a kitchen remodel.

A Breakdown of Small Kitchen Remodel Costs

small kitchen remodel costs

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  1. 35% Cabinets
  2. 20% Labor
  3. 15% Appliances
  4. 15% Countertops
  5. 10% Miscellaneous
  6. 5% Accessories

Let’s dive deeper and break down these prices even more. This way, you’ll get a clear idea of how much your small kitchen remodel will cost.

However, for an efficient and smooth remodel, you will have to pay attention to the three S’s?

  1. Surface
  2. Space
  3. Storage

Don?t Forget the Surfaces

small kitchen countertop remodel

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One of the significant areas for small kitchens is the surfaces. You will need essential worktops and counters to make your kitchen remodel practical and user-friendly.

Sometimes, a small kitchen means you have a narrow surface area. Here are some valuable tips on how to reinvent your kitchen countertops. The sink and the stove are necessary, but the space in between may not be sufficient for all the prep work involved in cooking your meals.

If this is the case, investing in a cutting board that will fit snugly over your sink is a great way to cut and prep food. Alternatively, you can opt for folding tables that are easily replaceable and won’t cost a fortune.

It is an ideal way to add extra surface. It will not just be a new seating area in your small kitchen, but you can use it for extra prep space when you’re cooking.

Lastly, we’d all love a kitchen island if the room allows. An island will provide a much-needed surface area as well as storage below for additional seating or both. It may not look like open cabinets, but this is where your island can make your kitchen look and feel enormous.

You can opt for a timeless natural stone slab, wood, or even engineered stone slabs for your statement kitchen countertop. However, these materials will cost you $45 – $150/ square foot depending on the type you choose.

Your small kitchen remodel costs will have to include the labor and installation charges too. Professional contractors can charge you anywhere between $30 – $60 / hour.

Think About Your Space

small kitchen layout remodeling

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When you have a tiny footprint, focus on utilizing the space you have to the maximum. Here are a few examples; go bold with color and truly make your kitchen stand out. You can think twice about a black kitchen design, but a black kitchen will become a real conversation starter with minimal kitchen cabinets.

Remember, most colors work well with a small kitchen layout. It will make your kitchen a focal point, no matter what size it is. On the flip side, white will always make your area feel vast and airy. An all-white kitchen will give you a substantial, more open feeling.

Similarly, painting your kitchen is also the cheapest option; it will make your small kitchen remodel a breeze. You can easily choose from several colors and textures starting from $30. You can look for waterproof and stain-resistant paint colors that are easy-to-clean and maintain, too.

Likewise, a full-height flat panel door will also give out the same illusion. Why? It is because there’s less detail to focus on. Moreover, you can use mirrors in your small kitchen to open things up visually. You can add mirrors to the cabinet fronts for $150 or more. Similarly, a mirrored backsplash in one section of your kitchen is a great way to fool the eye while also giving you the illusion of more room.

Focus on Storage

kitchen storage options

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The first area to focus on is storage. Many of us are guilty of having one too many (read: ten too many) kitchen gadgets and utensils. Perhaps a purge is a good idea, but before you purge, think of efficient and budget-friendly small kitchen storage solutions.

Here are our top picks; who needs pot drawers when you can hand your pots on brass rails or hooks for barely $20. Any wall space can become your ideal storage area, and hanging it up means you can free up valuable space in your cabinets for other items. It’s a good idea to stay away from too many kitchen cabinets while remodeling your small kitchen.

Think of everything else you’d like to have at arm’s length and hang them up. You can also add some decorative items like plants for a different texture and a burst of color. Plan how you will display it and what will look pretty carefully.

Although if you’ve got a little more room in front of that wall space, DIY some open shelves for not more than $50. They are ideal for an affordable kitchen remodel and will not hike your small kitchen remodel costs.

You can tuck in some baskets and stools (under $40) underneath for extra items. It will help people from brushing up too close to the shelves.

Also, if you have a window in your small kitchen, consider using that space for storage as well. Furthermore, add a few shelves up high where you can display your favorite pieces and still get your view.

Bonus Small Kitchen Remodel Costs Tip

When you’re planning your small kitchen remodel, you must save some money aside for emergencies. The tricky thing with a kitchen remodeling process is that you never know what you’ll find once you begin demolishing. You can find damaged pipes, mold, and many other faults that are expensive to fix.

Hence, it’s a good idea to keep 20% aside when you’re creating your kitchen remodeling budget aside for emergencies to help you out when you need the cash the most.