The New Year stirs up kitchen remodeling fever in many people intent on having a fresh start. The intent may be there, but carrying it out effectively can be a bit more difficult. Kitchen remodeling involves quite a bit of time and money. So, you want to make sure you are making the right decisions.

The best way to do this is to get a good idea of what is trending in kitchens for 2021. In most cases, it is not a good idea to latch on to a trend that could fizzle out after a few months for something that should last you for several years. When it comes to kitchens, however, trends tend to last for quite a while. They only serve to guide homeowners in following their personal preferences without sliding back to old-fashioned ideas that simply do not work any longer in the modern kitchen.

Trends also provide a valuable insight on what is working for other people. The options and materials available to bring your kitchen to the 21st Century. You might be surprised at the vista opening up for you with modern innovations for kitchen cabinets, for example, or new (or old) finishes, fixtures, and accents that are enjoying a surge of popularity.

Do you have a strange hankering for the retro look? You might just be in good company. Here are seven kitchen remodeling trends that are likely to dominate in 2021.

Modern with a vintage twist

granite countertops with vintage light fixtures
Modern kitchens get a lot of criticism. But they are actually a good canvass with which to work. They tend to be streamlined and sleek, which opens it up to personal touches that would be difficult to slip in with kitchens that are more traditional.

The 2021 modern kitchen will maintain its seamless look when it comes to line, but it will make use of materials and construction methods that have been in use for decades. These include the use of marble and granite for countertops, backsplashes, and floors, wood cabinets, and wall plaster. You will also see subtle touches such as vintage light fixtures and brass fixtures and hardware.

Cabinet revolution

tall cabinets lining one wall
Kitchen cabinets will always be an essential feature of any kitchen style, but 2021 might see a bit of a twist in the type of cabinets. The 2021 kitchen will retain the standard wall and base cabinet combination for one side of the kitchen, typically in the area of the sink and cook top. However, tall cabinets that reach from floor to ceiling will dominate other sides. This will maximize the storage space in the kitchen, a huge benefit for small kitchens. This trend will make inroads in the available workspace, which is why an open layout and large kitchen islands will also make its appearance.

Beadboard domination

beadboard cabinet doors with no frame
Many people might feel doubtful about the wisdom of installing beadboard-style cabinet doors in lieu of the more maintenance-friendly flat or slab cabinet styles. As a nod to the minimalist look that took designers by storm a few years ago, it does have some features of interest.
The modern take on beadboard cabinets involve the distinctive vertical grooves of the standard beadboard panel, but without a frame. You can use this for base cabinets in combination with open shelves, plastered walls, and quartz countertops and half-backsplashes for an undeniably sleek and modern look.

Cutouts and edge pulls

kitchen cabinets with cutouts, no hardware
Kitchen cabinets together with drawers again take center stage with this trend that virtually make cabinet and drawer hardware obsolete. Continuing the sleek and seamless ideal for the modern kitchen, some homeowners are promoting the idea of cutouts and edge pulls with some success.
While brass and stainless steel hardware has its appeal in some types of kitchens, it has fallen from favor with modern kitchen remodeling designers. This is somewhat good news for homeowners. This means they can spend more on other elements for their kitchen remodel.

Range hood hideaway

range hood inside cabinet
Most kitchens have a range hood, and they are available in attractive designs that make them acceptable as a visible element in the kitchen. In 2021, however, more homeowners are looking to hiding their range hoods from sight behind a soffit ceiling, or inside an overhanging cabinet. This is also in line with the seamless look currently trending in modern kitchen designs.
You might want to give this a miss if you have a much less stringent look to your own kitchen. It will free up a bit more storage space if you can keep your range hood outside the cabinet. However, that is entirely an issue of personal preference.

Open shelves

narrow shelves along edge of backsplash
Open shelves in lieu of wall cabinets are continuing as a trend in kitchens for 2021, but with a twist. Some homeowners are sacrificing standard storage shelves for narrower ones that perch over the edges of half-backsplashes, leaving the rest of the wall space above open for artwork and other d?cor that hang rather than rest on the shelves. While this does reduce the area, you will need to dust, it also reduces the amount of shelf space you have on the other hand, the expanse of open space does make the kitchen look larger and brighter, especially with white plastered walls.

Transitional accessories

display cabinet in kitchen with books, artwork
The stark and utilitarian kitchen of the minimalist trend is slowly giving way to a homier, more cohesive look. Updated kitchens in 2021 will also start to feature display cases that contain books, artwork, miniatures, pottery, and other accessories that reflect the contents and style of other rooms in the home. Shelves and floors may also feature personal items and collectibles such as prized rug. Anyone walking into the 2021 kitchen will have some idea of the type of people living in the home.


Kitchen remodeling trends for 2021 reveal some interesting twists in the way homeowners today regard their kitchens. In some ways, this makes designing much easier, and harder in others, especially those with small kitchens.

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