Many homeowners opt for kitchen remodeling to revitalize the aesthetics of their house. Kitchen remodeling in itself is a costly and time-consuming job. Therefore, unfortunately, many people end up committing embarrassing and expensive kitchen remodeling mistakes in the process. 

You will be able to conserve a lot of time and money by avoiding these mistakes. Not to mention your kitchen remodeling job will proceed smoothly and spectacularly.

Your kitchen will be significantly enhanced in terms of aesthetics, visual appeal, and functionality as a result. This guide aims to cover the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes that people tend to commit. We will also provide tips and guidance for avoiding them and making your kitchen better than ever.


Overcrowding a Limited Space

small kitchen layout

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Among the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes is that of overcrowding. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about having a small kitchen. In fact, it can be better than a larger kitchen in some ways. However, overcrowding it with additions is not a healthy or practical approach.

You have a lot of options available in terms of layouts and sizes, so go through them. Analyze them and find one apt for your needs. Have your kitchen’s space in mind while proceeding with the remodeling. For example, a small peninsula is a much better idea for small kitchens.


Going With Oversized Kitchen Islands

oversized kitchen island remodeling mistakes

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Continuing with kitchen remodeling mistakes, this is at the other end of the spectrum. In a large kitchen, it is better to have two smaller islands rather than one oversized island. An island longer than ten feet will make it difficult for people to move around in the kitchen properly. Similarly, an island deeper than four feet will make it difficult for you to reach the middle.

Another common mistake is to overload the island with objects like utensils, baskets, and cutlery. That only serves to create nuisance and confusion in the kitchen. You should ensure that island storage does not go beyond the rim of the countertop.


Not Looking at the Big Picture

Not putting functionality over appearance is one of the biggest kitchen remodeling mistakes that people make. You must think well about the direction and size of appliances, cabinets, and doors when you plan your kitchen’s layout.

Like ovens, your fridge will generally require a wide clearance. Go through the kitchen’s space and think of adding more door openings. That will ensure that your kitchen does not end up feeling cramped and suffocating.


Making Aisles Uncomfortably Tight

tight aisle kitchen remodeling mistakes

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Your kitchen aisles should be sufficiently wide to accommodate all of its contents. The proper clearance allows several cooks to work efficiently in the kitchen without running into issues.

While remodeling your kitchen, you must ensure that all aisles like the ones between walls, kitchen appliances, and islands are between 42 and 48 inches wide. You must also ensure proper placement for essential features like the range and sinks. 

That will ensure that two cooks do not run into each other while cooking together. Avoiding kitchen remodeling mistakes like this can enhance your kitchen significantly.


Unnecessarily Wasting Space and Steps

kitchen workflow design

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Even if your kitchen is large enough, you must produce a compact step-saving work core. After all, nobody likes walking long distances within the kitchen while preparing a dish. 

Creating dead space during the kitchen remodeling is another inconvenience that you should avoid. Choose areas that will be suitable for preparing food, eating, and spending time with your family.

For instance, a breakfast nook is an excellent combination of both style and functionality. It ensures that you do not sacrifice a lot of steps in the process.


Going For Impulsive Design Decisions

An impulsive decision is rarely a good one in general. Coming to kitchen remodeling mistakes, you need to understand that materials look significantly different in your kitchen itself than in the showroom.

It’s surprising but true. Thus, you should not finalize any material like flooring or countertop slabs until you bring home a sample to look at. It is also a good idea to test the samples under lighting, which you plan to use in the new space.


Inadequately Planning Storage

kitchen storage remodeling mistakes

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Merely stringing up boxes is not sufficient. You need to plan for storage wisely in order to fit in items in apt areas. Today, hundreds of storage options like shelves, cabinets, and open storage are available for you to choose from.

It is also important to mention that you must not forget the remodel’s goal in the process. For example, if you want a sleek appearance and go for glass door cabinets, you must keep the contents streamlined and well organized.


Doing Alterations During Remodeling

You need to plan out everything properly before the kitchen remodeling process begins. Any delays and sudden changes henceforth can take a heavy toll on your wallet. Make sure you do the needful and properly think about these factors well in advance. After that, ensure that everything is in place before your contractor is ready to begin the installation.


Forgetting About the Social Aspect

Lastly, do not forget that your kitchen is a social space, as well. Regardless of your kitchen’s size, people are going to hang around. Naturally, they are going to sit together to interact and need the space to do so.

Your guests or family will not be pleased to be left sitting in the living room while you’re cooking the meal. People tend to prefer being around sixty inches away from the host or cook.

Thus, you should think about having an interactive space in your new kitchen remodel. That space could be in the form of an island with seating, a banquette, or a corner nook.