Completely remodeling your kitchen is a fantastic opportunity to get it just right for you. However, kitchen remodeling can be expensive even with kitchen packages from reliable and experienced remodeling company Mimosa Kitchen & Bath.
Fortunately, you can make a big difference to the look and function of your kitchen without doing a complete remodel. You can change just one major element to upgrade it considerably.

Studies show that minor kitchen remodels has a return on investment of 80%, meaning that for every $1 you spend on it, you get back $0.80 in increase in value of your home. Not bad, huh? This is especially important if you are planning to sell your home in the near future
One way is to replace the kitchen countertops. If you are happy with the granite or quartz countertops you have, you can replace your kitchen cabinets. Either way, you end up spending about the same per square foot, so it is your choice.

If you decide to go with replacing your cabinets, it is crucial to choose the right ones to maximize your ROI. Kitchen cabinets have a deep impact on the look, layout, and function of your kitchen, and if you have an open floor layout, on your living room and dining room as well. With these in mind, here are some design tips for awesome kitchen cabinets.

Go bold

kitchen with bright green cabinets
Most kitchens have neutral colored or natural wood cabinets, primarily because these are very flexible from a design perspective. They literally disappear into the background, yielding to more colorful elements in the room. You can switch this up by going bold with your kitchen cabinets.
Cabinets come in many colors and materials. Many have solid wood fronts, in which case you want to display the grain of the wood with stains and clear varnish. However, you have the option to go with engineered wood fronts with paint or veneer. They are more affordable, and you can choose bold colors such as burnt orange, bright green or even red. It is certainly a risky move, but a good one if your existing color palette is mostly neutral. IT will certainly make your cabinets, and by extension your kitchen, stand out.

Go white

kitchen with white tall cabinets up to the ceiling
Many people live with small kitchens today. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you have a high ceiling, as it will still look spacious and airy. However, if you have a small kitchen and a low ceiling, you can make it look bigger by choosing white cabinets.
White can make any room look bigger, so white cabinets is clearly indicated in a small kitchen, especially if it does not receive a lot of light. You can carry the point further by creating the illusion of height with tall cabinets. White cabinets that go from floor to ceiling lead the eye up, so your ceiling will look higher. You should also paint the ceiling weight for continuity. If you already have white cabinets, replace one or two of them with tall cabinets. This move also gives you more storage than before.

Go mixed

kitchen with both glasses inset and solid front cabinets
Many homeowners make the mistake of sticking to just one type of cabinet for their kitchen upgrade. There is no rule that says you should. In fact, mixing up cabinet styles can have a tremendous impact on your design.

Manufacturers regularly update their offerings, and some of the most attractive one is glass insert cabinets. The benefit of a glass insert cabinet is it creates an illusion of space since you can look right through to the back of the cabinet. They also provide you with the space to display your most cherished possessions such as the good crystals and commemorative plates. Put lights in there and you really have something.
The downside of having all your cabinets in this type is you can?t hide your messes. The contents have to be display worthy all the time. The solution is to have a mix of glass insert cabinets and solid front cabinets in a complementary style. You can alternate them, make all wall cabinets glass insert and all base cabinets solid front, or a combination.

Go finish

kitchen cabinets with reclaimed wood look
You have many options when it comes to the cabinet finish, but most people choose stains and a clear coat for solid wood cabinet fronts. This is perfectly understandable, as natural wood adds warmth to the kitchen.
However, if you want to update your kitchen cabinets, you can choose cabinets with a less conventional finish. Glazed or vinyl finishes, for example, can subtly alter the look of your wood cabinets.

You can also go for laminates or veneers. These are available in almost any color and design you can imagine, including hardwood. You can choose more affordable engineered wood cabinets instead of solid wood cabinets if you are going to cover it up anyway.


A complete kitchen remodel is not necessary for updating your kitchen. It is ideal, of course, and worthy of saving up for, but it is not the only way to upgrade your kitchen. You can choose to replace your kitchen cabinets, instead. These design tips should help you make the right choices. You can also consult with remodeling experts in your area about maximizing your investment in kitchen cabinets.

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