Choosing the right kitchen countertop can be problematic, as well as expensive. But before you begin remodeling, you should look at all the kitchen countertop options. Moreover, choosing the right kitchen countertop material while remodeling will impact the aesthetics as well as practical functionality.

A great countertop makes the kitchen more useful and easier to maintain and, most importantly, serves as a crucial design element. It won’t be wrong to say that the options available for kitchen countertops are diverse, and some of these options may even surprise you. But for most people, traditional materials like granite and marble will suit better. However, it is always better to look out for more options and follow the right remodeling steps.

Laminate Countertop

Laminate is made with a thin layer of plastic and fiber bonded together. Besides, they are available in a wide array of colors and styles. Laminate countertops are also affordable and easy to install, making it one of the top kitchen remodeling choices.

On the contrary, laminates can peel off and get scratched easily. Also, laminate countertops can sometimes feel empty and lightweight in comparison to others. But still, you can overlook these negatives as they offer styling and aesthetics, and that too on a tight budget.

Ceramic Tiles

Countertops made with ceramic tiles are individual clay-based tiles laid over a cement or concrete board. One can consider them as an alternative to laminate countertops because of clean design options. Nevertheless, they are cheap as well and easy to install.

On the negative side, they have seams that can get stained, making them hard to clean. Moreover, they are easy to break, and they can’t be repaired, resulting in the complete replacement of the broken tiles.


Granite Remodel

Natural stones like granite make an excellent choice for use as kitchen countertops. None can deny that granites with a set of proven advantages make great options as countertops for the kitchen.

Besides the benefits, granite is also available with different colors and design elements as well. Not to forget that granite countertops aren’t as easy to install as the other options and require professional attention.

On the other hand, granite is quite expensive, and just like other natural stones, requires sealing. Also, granite is heavy and should be taken care of while installation. That being said, granite significantly increases the home resale value.

Solid Surfacing

Solid surface remodel

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

Solid surface countertops are made of acrylic, and this makes them withstand years of wear and tear. Moreover, solid surface countertops can include integrated sinks. They also resist stain, heat, and moisture.
Further, you can easily repair them without spending too much money.

Interestingly, their cost ranges between $40-$80, and this makes them a part of budget-friendly kitchen countertop options too. So if you want a complete solution that won’t impact your pockets but can withstand wear and tear, this is the option to go.


kitchen with marble countertop

Besides durability, marble is known to be scorch-resistant. After granite, marble is the most sought after choice for kitchen countertops. But being a natural stone, it demands a premium price. Nowadays, most of the modular kitchen designs are coming up with marble countertops, making it even more popular.


Wood countertop

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Several hardwoods like mahogany, maple, and cherry are there to satisfy your countertop needs. The best thing you will like about wooden countertops is that they add a cozy and rich feel. Besides that, when they age, they will add more beauty to your kitchen. Further, repairing and refinishing of wooden countertops is easy and can be done several times.


Being a principle stone for use in research labs, soapstone is exceptionally durable and almost indestructible. Likewise, if you use them as kitchen countertops, they perform equally well and provide a distinguished look. Besides being non-porous and chemically noble, soapstone can be one of the best options for kitchen countertop.

On the other side, soapstone doesn’t come in many varieties and designs like other countertop options discussed. But offer complete value for money being a workhouse for endless years. In addition to all this, they are entirely scorch and stain-resistant.


Quartz Kitchen Countertop

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Quartz countertops are a great choice as it is an engineered stone. More than 90% of natural quartz is crushed and bonded together with resins and polymers to make a perfect countertop. The most exciting thing you will find with quartz countertops is that they are better than granite.
Quartz being an engineered stone, overcomes all the negatives of other stones.

They don’t have seams like marble, which stops bacterial growth and is also non-porous so that you can say goodbye to stains and damage. Most importantly, cleaning quartz countertops is easy as just a mixture of soap and water is enough. Everything else aside, you will find quartz countertops with several designs and colors that provide immense aesthetic value.

Stainless Steel

Most traditional and contemporary kitchens have stainless steel countertops. These countertops are suitable if you have a lot of food preparation, and you don’t take care of keeping your hot cookware anywhere. Stainless steel countertops appeal to a niche group of house owners due to the unique design element it provides.

Stainless steel is entirely germ resistant and easy to clean, along with being sanitary. However, stainless steel countertops are on the higher-end of kitchen countertop options.


Glass can make unique and beautiful countertop designs, but you can only use high-tensile glass. Besides being remarkable, they also resist germ and bacteria formation as they are non-porous. Interestingly glass countertops give a look that cannot be imitated by any other material.

Even though it is high-tensile, glass can get cracked, so they require special attention while installing and using. Moreover, finding a glass fabricator is difficult these days.

Choosing a countertop surface option can be your first step in remodeling your kitchen. After all, you will be taking into account the place where cooking happens. So it is always better to have a more in-depth look with all the available kitchen countertop options so that you can choose and won’t regret it in the future.