Who says small kitchen cannot look great? With the different technologies and materials today, creating your stunning small kitchen remodel will a lot easier. Nevertheless, the most important step towards a successful small kitchen renovation is planning.

Getting a small kitchen space is never a disadvantage because of the many benefits it offers. Check out the following benefits of having a small kitchen area.

  • Better space-saving features
  • Smaller cost for a kitchen redo
  • Easy to manage, clean, and maintain
  • Quick and efficient movement around the space

Now, let us go over these unique ideas and tips for doing your small kitchen remodel.

1. Keep it Well-lighted

A dark color tone is never ideal for small kitchen renovation because it promotes a cave-like ambiance. We recommend you to use pendant lights on your island and kitchen countertop. The light reflects on the polished surfaces in your kitchen which increases the vibrancy and airy atmosphere in the room.

Meanwhile, you can use incandescent lights underneath your kitchen cabinetry. It adds better warmth with its yellowish light.

2. Go for Open Shelving

If your kitchen cabinetry needs a major makeover and you want to save on your small kitchen renovation cost, better have open shelving. This storage idea increases the spacious feeling inside your small kitchen.

Moreover, your antique plates can be placed on top to serve as a wall accent. The arrangements of your ingredients and kitchenwares can naturally serve as a wall accent as well.

3. Consider Glass Cabinet Doors

If open shelving is not your things, then you can renovate your kitchen cabinetry by installing glass cabinet doors. These glass doors enable you to see through the inside and promotes a feeling of spaciousness.

In terms of functionality, it will be easier for you to look for things inside your cabinets without the need of opening and letting dust crumble inside.

4. Downsize your Sink

Traditional kitchen sinks have a wider surface area which eats much space required for food preparation. For your small kitchen remodel, it is wise to allocate more space for meal preparation by cutting the size of your sink.

5. Go for Sliding Door

Going inside your kitchen with the door pushed inside can eat so much space in your small kitchen. Free this space up by installing a sliding door instead. It is highly unique and space-saving. Likewise, it is something you don’t see every day.

6. Bigger Tiles for Kitchen Floor

Before starting your small kitchen renovation, you must have the mentality of making your space seem bigger. Inline, renovating your kitchen floor also has a great impact on achieving that spacious impression.

Consequently, you have to install larger tiles instead of smaller ones. By doing this, you are creating a good illusion of having a wider space. Likewise, less manpower compared to installing plenty of small tiles on your kitchen floor.

7. Spice Up Your Backsplash

In achieving your best small kitchen remodel, you can to beautify as much space inside your kitchen area. Nevertheless, do not forget the elements of a modern kitchen, that is, neutral colors and a minimalist approach.

Your kitchen backsplash is a good place to create a creative accent or mosaic design. Consequently, we recommend that you have geometric patterns with light colors to grab that sleek modern appeal.

8. Smart and Space-saving Storages

You need to be creative and smart in installing space-saving storage compartments in your small kitchen redo. A lot of homeowners go for customized cabinetry with pull-out trays and sliders. You can store your baking pans and other small cooking utensils in this compartment.

9. Go for Smaller Kitchen Appliances

Your huge fridges, ovens, and cooktops will not be feasible for your small kitchen. Check your appliances and think if you need to buy new appliances with a more compact design to have better space-saving action.


Hopefully, you had a great time reading through the article. If you need professional assistance for your small kitchen and bathroom remodeling, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will help you craft an excellent plan to have the best small kitchen remodel without spending too much for your small kitchen renovation cost.

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