Bathrooms are probably the most used rooms in any house, and this makes them a prime option for remodeling. However, they also do cost a lot. Your bathroom remodel costs depend on the size along with the quality and cost of materials. Further, it also depends on the type of sanitaryware and fittings.

Nobody wants to get ready for the day in a dull, dated bathroom inside a tiny stall with mildew. However, only one obstacle that holds back homeowners from remodeling their bathroom is the cost. Luckily, there’s a bathroom remodeling project for every budget and homeowner.

Bathroom Remodel Costs by Scale

bathroom remodel scale

The National Association of Remodeling Industry puts an average cost of a bathroom renovation at about $35000. That’s roughly $875 per square foot for a 40 square feet bathroom or $350 per square foot for the one that’s 100 square feet. provides cost guidelines and comparisons for hundreds of remodeling projects, lists the average cost of remodeling a 100-square feet bathroom at $20,000. This includes floor plans, demolition, updating electrical and plumbing fixtures, painting, and installing a wall or floor tile. This comes out to be about $200 per square foot.

Partial Bathroom Remodel

A partial bathroom remodel cost estimate includes new tiles, a toilet, and a sink. Further, replacing just the sink and the toilet can account for about $500 to $3,000. Besides, some may even opt for new lighting and paint job.

Small Bathroom Remodel

A 40 square feet small bathroom remodel costs about $163 per square foot. Labor and fixtures can be adjusted from $1,500 to $15,000 or more. Likewise, that’s roughly $70 per square foot for DIY and up to $250 per square foot for a licensed bathroom remodeling contractor. A small bathroom remodel includes a shower or fixture replacement, updated flooring, and new cabinets or bathroom countertops.

Average Cost: $6,500
High-End Cost: $15,000
Low-End Cost: $1,500

Just like the scale of the remodel, there are many other factors that determine the cost of a small bathroom remodel. For instance, demolition of the bathroom alone can cost between $500 to $1,500. However, if you want to DIY it, you can if you are confident enough and save on bathroom remodel costs.

Midrange Bathroom Remodel

A mid-range remodel of a 5×7 foot bathroom includes a new vanity, sink, and recessed medicine cabinet with lighting. Additionally, a 30×60 inch porcelain tub surrounded by 4×4 inch ceramic tile, single-level temperature, and pressure controls in the shower costs about $21,500 or $615 per square foot.

Upscale Bathroom Remodel

The larger the room and the more exclusive the features and fixtures, the greater is the cost. An upscale bathroom remodels that include expanding a 40 square feet bathroom to 100 square feet costs about $65,000 or about $650 per square foot. With this, you can also add a glass-enclosed shower, body spray fixtures, a freestanding soaker tub, and custom cabinetry.

Most Expensive Part of a Bathroom Remodel

expensive bathroom remodel costs

In general, the two most expensive parts of a bathroom remodel are moving the waste line and replacing the vanity. If you wish to change the bathroom’s layout, it involves moving the toilet, sink, or tub and needs a professional’s help. So you can expect to pay around $45 to $65 per hour for labor.

For a 40 square feet bathroom, hooking up the new fixtures to current plumbing, besides cleaning up, takes an estimated 46 hours, roughly amounting to $2,070 to $2,990. Furthermore, moving any fixtures more than three feet costs an additional $500 to $1,000. As for vanity, prices may vary, whether it’s pre-made or custom-built. However, vanity can easily cost about $1,300 to $1,800.

Here’s how other materials and features affect the cost.

Wall and Floor Tiles

Natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic tile are popular options for bathroom flooring. Natural stone and porcelain tiles cost about $5 to $20 per square foot compared to ceramic tiles at $1 to $5 per foot.


Prefabricated countertops cost less than natural stone. Moreover, quartz costs about $100 per square foot compared to cultured marble at $5 per square foot.


Brushed nickel bathroom remodel costs more than chrome. Also, consider the type of sink like a pedestal, wall-mounted, or console, and whether the faucet is wall-mounted or touchless. For instance, an 8-inch two-handle high arc faucet in matte black sells for close to $129, while a single-hole touchless bathroom faucet in chrome costs about $376.


An alcove tub with a shower is one of the most common types of a tub in various widths and colors. Manufacturers sell a 30x60x74.5 inch alcove bath and shower kit with a left-hand drain for $650. Additionally, integrated grab bars can be an additional cost?furthermore, a standalone soaking tub costs $500 to $3,000. Also, adding jets and other features also contribute to the price.


Toilet prices vary from $100 to 1,000, depending on the size of the bathroom. The distance from the finished wall to the floor drain, a round bowl, water efficiency, and more features add to the cost.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs for a Bathroom Remodel

Besides the usual accessories that go into a bathroom remodel, other enhancements can spruce up the looks and enhance the bathroom’s functionality. Let’s take a closer look at the cost of some of these enhancements.

Fan Installation Cost

A bathroom fan is a necessary element to keep the environment fresh. Moreover, a bathroom fan helps remove excess moisture, promoting the growth of mildew and mold.

A bathroom fan installation will cost you anywhere between $250 to $500, depending upon the quality and features of the product. Further, you can install a bathroom fan separately or as an extension of the heat and light source.

Floor Heating System Installation Cost

A common element of luxury master bathrooms, radiant floor heating setup add to the luxury and functionality. It keeps the bathroom atmosphere warm and comfortable, especially during chilly days of winter. However, it does not come cheap and can easily cost you between $20 to $30 per square foot.

Sauna Installation

Another great addition to the bathroom settings is the sauna installation. It amps the bathroom environment and helps you relax and enjoy your time in the bathroom. Nevertheless, with the installation of a sauna, you also have to consider adding a heat source. Typically a sauna installation cost between $3,500 and $6,500.

Mold Remediation Cost

Due to excess moisture, a bathroom environment is favorable for mold to thrive. Therefore, mold beneath the surface is a common finding during a bathroom remodel.

As it can damage the plumbing and pose a health risk, mold remediation is necessary before installing new fixtures and materials. A bathroom mold remediation cost starts around $600 but can go as high as $1200 depending upon the mold spread.

Other Considerations

bathroom remodel consideration

Any bathroom remodeling project can incur expenses that you might not have thought or considered. Here are some of them.

Duration of the Project

If your house has just one bathroom and you don’t have some other arrangements while it’s in the remodeling process, there will be limits to what kind of bathroom remodel you can manage. With this, you might want to finish your bathroom remodeling project as fast as possible.

Need for Building Permits

You need to check with your municipality if you are planning anything that affects your bathroom’s structure. However, if you are just replacing the fixtures, you don’t need a permit. But when you go down and move pipes, you need to have the inspectors come in.

Uncovered Water Damage

You need to look out for water damage or plumbing failures. If so, you will likely need to hire a professional to handle the problem. Besides, rerouting plumbing will cost you about $50 to $150 per hour, depending on the work.

When you consider how much it will cost to remodel or refresh a bathroom, remember that a relaxing bathroom attracts buyers. As long as you are comfortable working with the existing layout and design features that are still in good shape, you won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to remodel the entire bathroom, you can still give it a fresh look. Or you can simply remodel your bathroom in parts instead of doing it in one go. One should know that these bathroom remodel costs are guidelines and not rules. The total cost of your remodel will depend on several factors such as location, timing, scale, etc.