Today, home designers and remodelers claim that more and more people choose to go to the bathroom to relax and luxuriate. Homeowners have been optimizing their bathrooms for comfort by equipping items like heated floors and soaking tubs. Apart from offering peace and quiet, an upgraded bathroom also enhances the resale value of a house. Thus, many people have been interested in knowing about the top trends in bathroom remodeling in Columbia.

Designers and homeowners alike show a strong preference for visually appealing designs and enhance the bathroom?s functionality. You can benefit by going through these preferences and choosing aspects that suit your needs. Given below are some of the top trends in bathroom remodeling in Columbia.

High-Quality Tiles

Bathroom Remodeling Trends Columbia

Image by DarthZuzanka from Pixabay

Glazed and linoleum tiles have been going out of fashion lately. Fortunately, you do not need to go for expensive imported marble to beautify your bathroom walls or flooring. Stone and porcelain tiles have been among the top trends in bathroom remodeling in Columbia as well. Customers have noted that these tiles have a comfortable feeling of warmth to them. Apart from these, glass tiles have been becoming popular as well.

Electric Heating To The Floor

Companies like Nuheat offer a mesh installed under the flooring tiles and connected to a thermostat on the bathroom wall. Some experts also vouch for electronic heat-mat systems like Step Warmfloor under the walls and floors of showers. That helps them to warm up more quickly.?

Several prominent designers have been installing these heating arrangements on their customers? floors. They cost only a few hundred dollars and offer immense comfort during winters in particular. Thus, they have found a reliable place among the top trends in bathroom remodeling in Columbia.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are hand bars attached to the walls above tubs and in showers. They aid people in avoiding falling. Now, they are among the top trends in bathroom remodeling in Columbia as well. After all, the bathroom is one of the most accident-prone places in the house. Grab bars help to make the bathroom a safer place. However, they have been becoming popular by virtue of their functionality and redesigned appearances. Many designers have modified grab bars to resemble attractive jewelry.

Smarter Storage Facilities

Columbia trending bathroom remodel ideas

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Additional storage plays an essential role in renovating a bathroom. Thus, it has been among the top trends in bathroom remodeling of Columbia as well. Instead of large, deep drawers, designers prefer using smaller drawers with dividers for this purpose. Another recent popular design by manufacturers is a 6-by-6-by-30 inch cube for storing all kinds of bathroom accessories.?

Homeowners have also shown a strong preference for readymade vanity or medicine cabinets with outlets for storing shavers, curling irons, or electric toothbrushes. All of these facilities help to provide a satisfying bathroom experience.

Entertainment Facilities

In contemporary times, it is no longer embarrassing to talk about these. More and more customers have been asking for pure comforts like LED televisions and miniature coolers in their bathrooms. After all, it can get boring to sit in the tub doing nothing.?

For example, there are cryptically designed flat screens installed just behind the mirror. They are more or less invisible unless they are turned on.

Maintain Privacy

Columbia ideas for bathroom remodeling

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It?s important to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. It includes the installation of a privacy wall or a private room in the master bath?s toilet.?

You can also move the toilet seat to a spot where it is relatively inconspicuous. Although many people feel that moving objects is not practical, it can now be done for just a few hundred dollars with PVC pipes. Thus, it has been among the top trends in bathroom remodeling in Columbia as well.