A Guide for Choosing a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

If you want to increase the value of your home or simply make it more comfortable, your best bet is bathroom remodeling. It has one of the best ROIs of any type of home improvement you can do, and nothing can be more satisfying than coming home and relaxing in your dream bathroom.
That said, bathroom remodeling is not something you should undertake on a whim. It represents a significant investment in time and money, and not a thing an amateur should undertake as a DIY project. It is most likely you will need to engage a professional remodeling contractor to make sure it is done correctly.

If you do decide to go ahead with remodeling your bathroom, one of your biggest decisions would be choosing the contractor to do it. This is not as
easy as you might think. Good contractors that will give you what you expect and stay in budget at the same time are surprisingly hard to find. This guide will help you find one in your area.

Look for a remodeler

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Contractors can be a general one, or a specialist. A general contractor is a Jack of all trades; they can do everything reasonably well. A specialist contractor focuses on just one or two types of contracting, and a remodeling contractor is even more specialized to just remodeling, which makes them very good at it.

If you can find a contractor that specializes in bathroom remodeling, it is a good idea to choose that one over a general contractor, as a specialist will have a more intimate knowledge of that type of remodeling than a general contractor would. A bathroom remodeler will also be able to offer free designs. General contractors will probably not have the facilities for it. Finally, specialist contractors usually have particularly close relationships with bathroom material and product suppliers, which can lead to better prices.

You can usually find out if a contractor is a general contractor or a specialist by checking the website. It should be immediately apparent if the contractor is primarily a remodeler, and if it focuses particularly on bathroom remodel. If the company name includes ?bath,? there is a good chance it is a specialist contractor. This is a good way to narrow down your choices.

Look for packages

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Many contractors give a quote for materials and labor because this means more profit for them in the end. This might be a good thing as you will not have to worry about sourcing the materials you need. However, you might end up paying more if the contractor is not also a distributor of the materials and products they will use. Distributors get a much lower price for these products, so if your contractor is an authorized distributor, you are most likely to get the best deal.

The contractor?s website is again a good way to find out if they distribute good brands of bathroom remodeling products. If the contractor offers all-in bathroom remodeling packages at a great rate, it is most likely the company is also an authorized distributor of bathroom remodeling products and materials. This is another point to include in your checklist.

Research about turnaround

One of the reasons many homeowners are reluctant to undertake bathroom remodeling is because of the inconvenience. A bathroom becomes inoperable for the duration of the remodel, and that can be a big problem if there is only one bathroom in the home. If you do decide to go ahead anyway, you definitely want a remodeling company that can do the job quickly.

The problem is the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Any company can claim a quick turnaround, and might even guarantee it in their quote, but you will only find out if this is true when you are already in the middle of the process. By then, you will just have to lump it.

The best way to find out if a company has a quick turnaround before you commit is to do some online research. Most people will post reviews, either to warn others about a company, or to let others know how great it is. Take these reviews with a grain of salt until you have had a chance to get in touch with one or two of them. Some reviews might not be genuine, so you have to verify them first. You will probably be able to find someone locally if you go with a remodeling company in your area.

You might also ask the remodeling company for references. If they give it willingly, it is a good sign. If they seem reluctant, take that as a red flag.

Some notes:

Keep in mind, however, that a quick turnaround might mean different things. A bathroom remodel can take many weeks even with the fastest remodeling company, and problems might come up that is beyond the contractor?s control that might delay that even further. Some of these problems include unexpected structural problems, outdated wiring, and changes in your design.

To keep your expectations realistic, here is a list of typical phases of a bathroom remodel, and the length of time it usually takes to complete each one.

Designing phase

Anywhere from one day to a week, subject to the time it takes for a client choose and approve a design

Demolition phase

Up to three days, the biggest factor being the distance of the bathroom from the nearest area to which workers can dump the rubble in preparation for collection

Plumbing and electrical rough work phase

From three days to a week, depending on the degree to which structural changes will have to be made

Installation phase

Up to 14 days if it means installing new cabinets, vanity tops, walls, floors, bathtub or shower, and toilets

Finishing phase

Two to four days, largely depending on whether it requires a formal inspection from a building inspector. I.E. new wiring or plumbing, as this will require delaying closing up the walls and ceilings as well as installing fixtures until after approval.

If nothing major comes up during your remodel, a small bathroom remodel by a bathroom remodeling company should not take more than four weeks from start to finish. You can expect that to take quite a bit longer with a general contractor. In the best-case scenario, you are looking at two weeks without a working bathroom. If that is the only bathroom you have, you should arrange for temporary accommodations with a neighbor, family member, or a nearby motel.


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