It’s always exciting envisioning your desired dream bathroom, isn’t it? Every homeowner wants a bath space that reflects their style and one that exerts positive energy. If you’re a novice in remodeling, bathroom remodeling can be quite challenging. Remodeling a bathroom sure has its pros and cons. Also, it’s something that you should approach in a certain way. Fortunately, our list of 10 tips and tricks for planning a bathroom remodel will give you insights on how to choose the right fixtures, capable functionality as well as add value to your existing layout.?

Creating a timeless design yet trendy is something you should consider while getting into the bathroom remodeling process. Keep things simple and easy to follow through to the end. Complicating the process will only make things 10x harder than they appear.?

Above all, let the world be your oyster. Invest your time carefully planning the layout, choosing reputable professionals, and finding those gorgeous light fixtures. Let us help you with some of the best bathroom remodel tips that will turn your dream bathroom into a living reality.?

Essential Bathroom Remodel Tips and Tricks to Follow For Your Remodel

Plan & Save in Advance

A bathroom remodel isn’t something that can be done overnight. A lot of careful planning is required to get a sense of what?s to be done indeed. With that said, one of the most important things to consider while planning a remodel is costs. Saving up (a year) in advance will only make your bathroom remodel less stressful.?

Research! The more you read and talk to people, you’ll get more information on how the remodeling process works. Talk to different contractors, talk to your friends, family and neighbors to understand what they’ve done. You can also look at websites like Pinterest to get inspired by different bathroom designs and remodel trends. Do not forget to budget for your bathroom remodel as well.

Remember to save up 20% more than the designated budget plan if there are any nasty surprises hidden underneath all that caulk and grout.?

Appoint an Electrician Early?

Talk to registered electricians or contractors in your area and get their quote and schedule before-hand. This will come in handy when you start your bathroom remodeling. You can compare their skills, prices, and choose the suitable candidate that fits all your needs and wants.?

Chat with them and be clear head-on when it comes to the execution and budget. Plan the rewiring, lighting schemes before any plumbing work starts to avoid chaos and delays.?

Salvage any Sanitaryware

It’s easy to get blinded by the brand-new sanitaryware available in the market. Make a list of fixtures and features that can easily be repaired and re-used.?

Be it shower, sinks, faucets, or bathtub, or any storage solutions carefully examine them, and have an in-depth conversation with your contractor on refinishing them. There’s always room for improvement, and once you have the budget, you can switch these out in the future to new ones.?

Use Neutral Color Tones

bathroom remodel tips with neutral color

Stay far away from creating a look that falls flat, including selecting darker, more bold shades. Instead, adding different hues of the same or more neutral tones like white, beige, off-white can make even your small bath appear more calm and collective.?

Think plain white is too much for you? Try mixing off-white and ivory hues to elevate your bathroom remodel, making space feel more bright and relaxed. Put those bold black and blues aside, and emphasize a clean, more simplified, and polished look. Also, what’s more, calming than calm neutral tones??

Similarly, coordinate your beige walls with dark hardwood flooring and brighten the space with a white bathtub. You can add subtle gold or silver accents for a bit of glam.?

Add Plants for Contrast

bathroom with bathtub and plants

While most bathroom remodel tips are structural, this one is more aesthetic. Adding plants in your bathroom will add a statement and style to your new bathroom layout. Growing in popularity, you can find a variety of elegant plants without busting your budget.

Try buying these with trendy planters that come in different styles, shapes, and colors. But don’t get carried away choosing that perfect piece. Luckily, we’ve got the insider scoop. Look for plants that provide a vibrant contrast and exquisite scent.?

If you think taking care of your new plant baby is too much for you, you can select faux houseplants. Though they are easy to maintain, real plants bring more light and positive energy. Real houseplants are known to improve your mood and amp up productivity too.?

Turn Your Bathroom Bigger With Mirrors

bathroom with mirrors

A bold mirror can add a statement to any room, visually expand a space, plus brighten even the tightest corners of your bathroom layout. So what’s the trick when decorating with a mirror? The critical factor here is the placement. It can make a huge difference if done correctly on how a room feels.?

One such area to place a mirror is the entryway above as it will duplicate your bathroom space and also add functionality to it.

Set the Mood With Lighting?

bathroom with different styles of lights

In a room, where you inspect your face and body, lighting focuses in one area ? say ceiling or above the mirror. One of the more important bathroom remodel tips is to add pendant lights or scones with a dimmer switch. This will allow you to change the light setting according to your mood. Be it a relaxing bath or a full spa day – these lights will elevate your spirit post a long tiring day.?

Don’t Skimp on Fixtures

bathroom remodel tips fixtures

These are the everyday use items that need to be sturdy and durable, especially in a wet environment. Always look for easy clean brassware. Concealed valves are responsible for regulating your bathroom’s water temperature.?

Investing in low-quality brassware will only lead to additional costs in maintenance and repairs. Go for superior quality fixtures; they are durable and will last longer.?

Add a Statement on a Budget

It may seem impossible to add that innovative or a textural statement mirror on your countertop with a tight budget. But with endless options and DIY hacks available, you can achieve luxury on a budget.?

Here’s how, if you spent most of your budget on higher-end tiles, use that to make a statement wall that stands out when complemented with standard field tiles. Also, you can switch out those old faucets and install metal pieces for a more luxurious feel.?

Include Tech in Your Bathroom Remodel

Well, it’s the 21st century, and with everything that’s evolving, your bathroom remodel tips have to be sync with it. We don’t mean heated floors or anything expensive. You can design for the future by adding simple elements like a wireless remote to set the dimmers, built-in water-resistant Bluetooth speakers, and even touchless faucets are some great budget-savvy options to add a futuristic touch to your bathroom remodel.?