With the popularity of smaller houses on the rise, the concept of home renovation is changing as well. Being small is not necessarily bad. In fact, a small bathroom can be convenient in many ways. You will be able to maintain and clean it with relative ease. Also, it will be easier to work on ideas for small bathroom flooring. Courtesy of the small floor space, you will be able to invest better in your flooring budget.

That being said, you do need to know where to start and what your options are. This article features a carefully selected list of ideas for the flooring of your small bathroom. If you know where to start, you can choose the kind of flooring you want for an affordable price. As a result, you will go with a visually appealing and convenient material to take care of. Let us take a look at some of the choicest small bathroom flooring ideas.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile in a bathroom

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

When we speak of small bathroom flooring ideas, it is only apt that we begin with ceramic tiles. These come in wonderful patterned styles, dynamic colors, and exciting shapes. This versatility is what makes it an excellent option for a small bathroom.?

You should try to select a tile with the regal look of marble, minus the exuberant cost. It is not a surprise that for a long time, ceramic tiles have been a top choice for use in bathrooms because of their wide variety of colors, shapes, and outstanding durability.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

luxury vinyl plank small bathroom flooring ideas

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

When it comes to small bathroom flooring ideas, forget about using solid hardwood. As common sense suggests, that is because it cannot survive the ubiquitous water there. Vinyl, however, is the waterproof and ideal material.?

Many people find vinyl tiles to be boring and bland. In that case, you should consider going for luxury vinyl plank flooring. Commonly abbreviated as “LVP,” it closely resembles real wood. Since wood is rare to find in a bathroom, this will truly give it a unique aesthetic design.

Different varieties of LVP come in various dimensions. They also come in a range of quality and prices. Remember that broader dimension planks can be harder to use in small bathrooms. Thus, you should consider thinner planks for yours. As an added benefit, you do not require professional help to install LVP.?

Opting for a DIY approach will help you save a lot of cash on installation fees. You have the option of going with cheaper “peel-and-stick” varieties or more expensive “click-and-lock” ones.

Waterproof Laminate

When juggling small bathroom flooring ideas in our minds, we tend to exclude laminate flooring. Doesn’t that seem to be a no-brainer? However, courtesy of some famous flooring makers, this might change after all. Manufacturers have produced laminate flooring that resembles wood but possesses a thermoplastic core. This is much different from the usual fibreboard base that has a high affinity for water.?

Unlike vinyl flooring, waterproof laminate doesn’t have an integrated layer structure. Instead, it comes with a honeycombed plastic base. As a result, your floor will have “give” ? a feeling similar to standard laminate rather than with vinyl flooring. For people who dislike the feel of vinyl but want the look of a wooden floor, waterproof laminate is an excellent choice.

Slate and Other Natural Stones

Natural stones are among the most popular small bathroom flooring ideas. However, they are not easily accessible. The first and foremost factor in this regard is the cost.?

Natural stone is mostly not domestically quarried. Moreover, it is usually imported from other countries like Turkey and Indonesia. After that, it is shipped in containers across continents to your place. As a result, the entire supply route is long, and thus, it costs more. The prices can go up as high as $30-50 per square foot.

If you decide to go with natural stone anyway, you need to be prudent with the installation. Since stone can be a bit tricky to install, it is recommended that you hire a professional tile installer. If you decide to install it yourself, a small bathroom remodel is an ideal place for a start. You can give yourself ample time to make exact wet tile saw cuts. You can even try to experiment with exciting tile patterns, such as diagonal.

Porcelain Tile

porcelain tile flooring in a bathroom

Photo by Terry Magallanes from Pexels

Porcelain tiles can inspire great ideas in one when it comes to small bathroom remodel. They come in a variety of colors and styles and are durable and waterproof. Plus, they also tend to be much cheaper than tiles made of other materials. They are easy to care for and are available in numerous delightful textures.?

You can buy glazed porcelain tiles resembling marble, natural stone, and wood, for example. Imagine the luxury of choosing from beautiful green marble to stunning Carrara marble, without the high prices. After that, you can produce a mosaic tile design with geometrically placed tiles.?

Alternatively, you can choose bigger tiles to make your bathroom look larger. Porcelain tiling will give a whole new level of visual appeal to your bathroom. If you have budget restraints, then porcelain tiles are an excellent combination of style and cost-effectiveness for you.

Cork Tile

Cork obtained from the naturally shed bark of oak trees can be an excellent small bathroom flooring idea. Further, it is hypoallergenic, environment friendly, and resistant to various fungi. Unlike flooring made from porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone, it is not cold under your feet. Cork tiles have numerous dead cells filled with air, which contributes to the fact that they are relatively warm and soft.

Furthermore, you can install a beautiful hexagonal cork tile without worrying about your bathroom getting humid. Also, you have the liberty of coming up with various ideas for designing the cork flooring of your small bathroom.?

Whether you use it as a subfloor under the carpet or a standalone floor, the cork will provide a quality surface with warmth and proper insulation.

As you can see, there is no lack of ideas for small bathroom flooring. Nevertheless, having a small bathroom has it’s set of cons for sure, but it also makes flooring relatively affordable.