Are you struggling with coming up with ideas for your kitchen remodeling project? Well, you?re not alone. A lot of homeowner?s lack design skills and find it difficult to make up their mind. There are so many inspirations out there to use for your kitchen design planning. Yet, having too many ideas can hinder your ability to make final decisions. However, you can?t overlook the concept of using the web to find kitchen design ideas. If you look up the latest trends in kitchen renovations, you may find a more complete design concept to use for your home. In this guide, we?re going to give you some of the top designs you should consider. So, let?s get to it!

small kitchen with luxurious design

1. Give Your Small Kitchen Big Style

Whoever said small kitchens couldn?t look amazing? There are many photos circling around the web that demonstrate this quite well. As for how you?ll do the same for your small kitchen is entirely up to you. Depending on the layout of your cooking space, you may be able to get away with small island. Otherwise, you can focus on the furniture and appliances you currently have. For example, you can update your countertops with beautiful granite stone. And select a gorgeous high-quality cabinetry with luxury handles and knobs.

kitchen with open layout

2. Expand the Kitchen with an Open Space

Now, there?s another way to handle a small kitchen ? knock down some walls. You can also do this for a larger kitchen. Open floor plans are excellent for creating a homelier feel for your dining experience. As for how the layout looks will depend on the arrangement of the rooms. Do you want a kitchen that overlooks the dining room or the living area? This makes a difference based on how you want to use the space and who you?re entertaining.

For holiday parties, you may want to have the dining room opened and for casual events, you may want the living room integrated with the kitchen. However, if you can?t choose between the two, you can go with both. You?ll find a lot more homes today with both dining and living rooms integrated with the kitchen for a grand environment for parties and shindigs.

kitchen with a nautical theme

3. Go with a Nautical Design

There are different ways you can pull off a nautical theme for your kitchen remodeling project. This may seem childish but when done correctly, it can really come out quite nicely. Just look at some of the other homeowners who designed their kitchens with a nautical theme. You may find some kitchens with a boat for a kitchen island and others implementing beautiful sea creatures onto the walls. For example, star fish, whales, dolphins, and so on. Coral reefs and other beautiful sea life can be integrated into the design as well.

kitchen with recessed fridge

4. Create Space in Your Kitchen

Are you dealing with a lack of cooking space because of clunky kitchen appliances? Then there?s a way to get rid of them without downgrading their size. One idea is to recess them into the wall. This way, you have a clear open space inside your kitchen. This can help make room for the kitchen island you always wanted. Or you can use the extra space to put a kitchen table. You can push both your refrigerator into the wall so that it no longer protrudes into your floor space. And if you have a large island that?s doing more harm than good, then you can replace it with a free-standing island. Don?t overlook having a marble or granite stone slab installed atop the new island.

kitchen with a classic cottage look

5. Design a Cozy Cottage Kitchen

You?ll find a lot of homeowners with an L-shaped kitchen, which is the style of English Tudors. If this is what you have, why not go with a cottage-style kitchen design? One way to transform your kitchen with a cottage design is to opt for brass fixtures. You can use this for your kitchen cabinets, drawers, faucet, and light fixtures. As for the light fixtures, you can add brass elements for a chandelier or bar lights. Consider going with rustic or white covers for the lights.

Designing Your Kitchen Remodel with Expert Help

It?s always better having expert assistance with the design of your kitchen remodeling project. This will help identify the scope of your remodel. A contractor will be able to determine if there are certain walls that can?t be knocked down and whether the area you want plumbing or lighting installed is impossible. At Mimosa Kitchen and Bath, we have licensed, bonded and insured contractors who can help with the design and implementation of your kitchen remodeling project. At our company, we sell quality products you can use for your kitchen renovation.

This includes cabinets, vanities, floors, countertops, and faucets and sinks. Together, we can help you build a kitchen design that?s functional and stylish. Some of the brands we carry products from include Schrock, Forevermark, MSI, Caesarstone, Cambria, Wolf Cabinets and more. All our products come backed with brand warranties. Plus, our contractors are skilled and trained to always give special attention to detail during the installation of your products. Our experts will both fabricate and install the counters and cabinets of your choice.

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