Many homeowners dream about doing a bathroom remodel, and one of the things they would probably consider is changing out the old sink. While it is easy enough to do it, choosing the right one can have a significant impact on the look of the bathroom at the end of the day.
You may be amazed at the difference the sink can make to your new bathroom If you are going to invest in a major bathroom remodel, make sure you don?t miss the mark with the sink by noting these six tips.

Make it personal

Victorian-style bathroom with pedestal sink

The bathroom is highly space efficient, because it is typically the smallest and most frequently used room in the house. As such, you want it to reflect the kind of people that live in the house. The perfect vehicle for this is the sink.

Any bathroom of any type or size will have a toilet and a sink. However, you have very limited options when it comes to toilet design. The same is not true for the sink. You are sure to find one that goes with your personal style, so decide on what that is going into bathroom design. Are you the efficient type and would prefer a strictly utilitarian sink, or are you the fussy type and prefer a more decorative sink?
Once you decide on your personal style, it becomes much easier to pare down your options to a type of sink.

Consider the space

bathroom being measured

Even if you are a strictly form over function type of person, you still have to work with the space you have available. As mentioned earlier, bathrooms tend to be small, so you definitely have to consider the practicality of a certain sink type.

For example, if you have a tiny bathroom and the only space you can put a sink is in the corner, you can definitely rule out a Jack-and-Jill setup. You can still put in a vanity with your sink, but you still have to choose a small one. On the other hand, if you have a large bathroom, a small pedestal sink in the corner will look out of place.

The easiest way to find out how much space you have to work with is to consult with a designer, or a company the provides free in-home and no obligation consultation and 3D design such as Mimosa Kitchen Bath, and get the measurements. It will help you decide if you can consider a pedestal sink or an integrated sink with all the bells and whistles.
The available space will help you narrow your choices down to just one or two types, which can be a great relief.

Think about material options

cast iron sink from Kohler
The moist popular type of sink is made from porcelain, and it is a very practical choice. However, you have quite a few options available when it comes to materials. You can choose glass, stone, metal, concrete, or even wood. There is no reason to go with a standard sink unless that is what you want.

That said, many of these materials would require a bit more maintenance than porcelain sinks. Keep that in mind when you drool over beautiful granite or marble sinks. Wood sinks tend to be quite expensive as well, although they are definitely awesome.
When choosing the right material for your sink, you need to think beyond just the design. If you are not willing to spend money or time on your sink, then you may want to keep your options to porcelain. On the other hand, you can make quite a statement with non-standard materials, especially since these come in more shapes and sizes than you can find with standard sinks.

Consider the effect of mounting

floating sink in modern bathroom
All sinks have to be mounted. It may be on the wall directly in the case of floating sinks. It may be on a pedestal. In most cases, sinks go in vanities, which make practical sense in terms of design and function. The style of mount you choose has a direct effect on the design of the bathroom.

For example, if you have a Victorian style bathroom, a pedestal sink is particularly suitable because of its graceful lines. If you have a modern bathroom, a vanity sink or floating sink will be more in keeping with the style. You might also want to consider bowl sinks and integrated sinks, which are both distinctive in their own ways.

Think of the function

Vanity with ample storage space
It is a given that sinks serve an important function, but that can mean many things. Aside from a place to wash your hands and brush your teeth, the sink may have other features that add to its functionality. This includes workspace, storage, and maintenance.
For example, a pedestal sink is space saving, but it has no storage or workspace functions. If this is an issue for your bathroom, you need to consider a different type of sink. If you have the space, you might want to consider choosing an undermounted sink with a granite or marble vanity top that provides both workspace and storage. A wooden vanity may work just as well, although maintenance might be more difficult.

Get professional help

It is important to consider your own preferences and needs when choosing the right sink, but you can often take a shortcut by consulting with a professional designer or remodeling company. A reputable one would have extensive experience in making the most of any bathroom remodel, and may be able to give you insights not available to most people.
You can often find a remodeling company willing to discuss your particular issues with bathroom sinks. All you have to do is make an inquiry to get the help you need.

Finding the right company

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