Deciding to get new kitchen cabinets is not something you decide on a whim. Cabinets are necessary, but they can also be expensive, so you want to be able to justify getting new ones. Below are six practical reasons to get new kitchen cabinets.

1. You need more storage

kitchen with counters
The fact is you will be accumulating stuff over the years, so your kitchen will most likely run short of storage. The obvious solution is to get rid of what you do not really need or use, but few people are going to do that. The next best thing is to add more storage space, AKA more cabinets.

The problem is matching your existing cabinets. If you designed your kitchen in the last few years, chances are you will still be able to find the exact type of cabinets and simply add more. However, if you inherited them when you moved into an old home, you might be out of luck. If that is the case, you have two options: reface the old ones to match the new ones, or get all new ones. Refacing is usually not cost-effective, and it is messy as well, so all new ones might be the more practical option.

You might not even have to replace all the old ones anyway. Mixing and matching colors and styles is trending now, so all-new wall cabinets can very well do the trick even if they don?t match your base cabinets. In fact, get complementary wall cabinets, i.e. choose light wall cabinets if you have dark base cabinets.

2. You need a better layout

better layout

Practical people tend to make do with what they have, and in most cases that is admirable. However, when it comes to your storage and design in the kitchen, sometimes it is not going to work.

Many older kitchens have the most basic layouts because they had much fewer things to store and use. Most people today have at least three or more appliances they use regularly that homeowners of even two decades ago never heard of. That means more things you need to store and accommodate.

Even if you can work with the available storage capacity, you might have a problem with placement. Some are too high, too low, or placed in awkward positions. This might mean redefining the layout of your cabinets, and maybe ripping most of them out.

Many cabinetmakers offer storage systems that allow you to store small appliances within easy reach, and maximize the available space. You have bespoke sliding pantries, hidden trash receptacles, built-in ovens, and pullouts designed for small kitchens. All these ensure your kitchen layout is efficient with a place for everything, and everything in its place.

3. You have some water damage

One of the biggest enemies of kitchen cabinets is water damage, unless your cabinets are made of metal. Most kitchens have wood-based cabinets, however, so regular exposure humid conditions can lead to significant damage.

Of course, the risk is manageable under normal circumstances. However, if you see the following in most or all of your kitchen cabinets, better call
in someone to check your pipes or roof. You probably have a leak somewhere in the kitchen that has struck the deathblow.

Doors won?t close properly
You see warped or bulging areas on the surface
The laminate of your cabinets are peeling
Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere
The wood shows darker areas that suspiciously wet
Your cabinets smell musty

You might still be able to salvage some of your cabinets if the damage is just in one area, such as a leak from the ceiling that dripped down. However, just as with adding more storage, you might have a hard time finding cabinets that match your old ones.

4. You have molds

kitchen cabinet
Aside from the damage caused by water, a small leak or constant exposure to humid conditions in the kitchen can lead to an outbreak of molds in kitchen cabinets. Molds like wet, dark places, and you will always have one set of cabinets you rarely open. These cabinets can harbor mold unbeknownst to you until it has reached epic proportions.

The problem with mold is once it establishes itself in wood, it is very hard to get out. Even if you can no longer see it, you can smell it, and that is not a good thing anywhere, but especially the kitchen. In addition, some types of molds are hazardous to your health, so you want to remove any trace of it in your home.

The easiest way to do this is to replace the offending cabinets with new ones. If matching the old ones is going to be a problem, you may have to replace the whole line.

5. Your cabinets are sagging

French Vanilla Glaze

When choosing new cabinets, you need to inspect the quality of the material as well as the construction. They may look fine once installed, but beware when you start using them in earnest. Poorly made cabinets, even when new, will start developing problems as soon as you use them regularly.

One of the biggest problems with poor quality cabinets is sagging. The joints and adhesives are simply not strong enough to bear up under the weight, or the material used is so cheap that it begins to warp even under normal use. You could one day walk into your kitchen and everything is on the floor. That is, if you or anyone else in the homes is lucky enough not to be around when it happens.

If these types of cabinets came with the home, the first order of business is to replace them with sturdy, well-built cabinets installed by a professional. Do not wait until something bad happens. It does not have to cost the earth, either. Many top brand cabinetmakers offer a large variety of affordable, ready-to-assemble cabinets that will last a long time.

6. You hate them

outdated cabinets
Practical is as practical does, but the fact is you should like your kitchen since you spend so much time in it. If you really hate the cabinets you have, replacing them with something that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling is the best reason to replace kitchen cabinets. It does not matter if they are vintage, solid wood, or in good condition. If you hate them, get rid of them. If it makes you feel better, you can repurpose them for other parts of the home, or donate them to charity.


Kitchen cabinets have a significant impact on the way you use your kitchen, so they should be among your top priorities when considering a kitchen remodel. These practical reasons justify putting in new cabinets for your kitchen.

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