Modern bathroom remodeling can completely empty your wallet without proper budgeting and planning. However, there are ways to keep full bathroom renovation at a budget with creative means and cost-cutting measures.

To help you out with your bathroom renovations, here are some simple cost-saving tips you can adapt.

1. Create Your Budget Plan

Homeowners who go beyond their budget when doing full bathroom renovation because they lack proper planning and budgeting. Before starting your renovation, it is best to have a checklist of the things you want to change or upgrade inside your bathroom.

Your detailed plan will guide you through the entire duration of creating your affordable bathroom remodeling. With this, you have a very minimal chance of going beyond your allocated budget.

2. Retain the Layout and Size of your Bathroom

One factor driving the cost of your bathroom redo is when you plan to enlarge or change its current layout. To keep your cost low, try retaining the layout or shrinking the area of your bathroom if possible.

3. Install Industrial Mirrors

Having a vanity mirror in your bathroom adds style and beauty. If you do not have any vanity mirror, buy an industrial-grade one for it is much cheaper. You can opt for a larger mirror and hang it on top of your vanity counter.

4. Go for Open Shelving

Renovating your vanity cabinets would cost a hefty price, especially if you are replacing the entire thing. Refacing or refinishing is more economical but installing an open shelf would give you huge savings.

Open shelving provides a similar storage capacity without the hassle of cabinet doors. Likewise, it allows you to directly see the things you are storing on top.

For small bathroom space, an open shelf exhibits better airy and spacious atmosphere. Likewise, you need to go for lighter hues to create a larger visual impression and better flair in your renovation.

5. Install Modern LED Lightings

Most modern bathroom remodeling comes with a brighter and vibrant atmosphere. To achieve that, you can install modern lightings behind the vanity mirror, underneath your cabinets or shelves, and below your vanity counter. A well-lit bathroom provides better relaxing and calming paradise from a day’s work.

6. Replace your Bathroom Drywalls

Within a year, your drywall has absorbed a huge amount of moisture from all activities you do inside your bathroom and shower area. To avoid molds and mildews from growing inside, it is best to replace all drywall with a new one.

Likewise, choose a lighter hue of paint to apply on its surface. The combination of modern lightings and lighter paint provides better flair of a contemporary and relaxing theme.

7. Go for Tile instead of Slab Vanity Counter

The standard slab for your vanity stone countertops comes at a hefty price. To save on this, you can go for a tile or remnant countertop. If you need a hand with this one, simply contact us and one of our stone specialists will guide you.

8. Do Not Move Your Existing Plumbing Works

If your vanity sink, toilet, and shower are already good in their current placement, then do not move them. Why? Because moving them entails moving your plumbing system and that leads to additional cost.

9. Go for Cheaper Upgrades or Updates on Fixtures

Upgrading your bathroom fixtures means buying new ones with better quality and design. However, those fancy fixtures would cost more and increase your budget for the modern bathroom remodeling.

The best solution for this is either going for a cheaper upgrade or simply update the finish of your bathroom fixtures. The latter option means you retain those existing fixtures and simple clean up their surface so it looks polished and new again.

10. Never Underestimate the Power of Paint

For modern bathrooms, a lighter hue or white color is the top choice for most homeowners. Nevertheless, we say that going for fresh and bright color paint can greatly increase the aesthetics of your little oasis. Choose lighter hues such as light pink, sky blue, beige, white, and others.


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Achieving that relaxing oasis in your affordable bathroom remodeling is never impossible.

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