If you check kitchen design ideas online, most of them will show an open floor layout. This makes sense, as most people live in smaller spaces, so anything that will make their kitchen look bigger is a good idea. An open layout also makes the pace more cohesive and welcoming, so it is an easy choice to make.
However, an open space plan does present some design challenges. Because the kitchen is a very visible area in the home, you have to make sure it is updated and ready for viewing. A good way to do that is to go with some kitchen remodeling trends that are likely to make an appearance in 2021.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

1. Marble countertops

Many people today have largely gotten over the myth that marble countertops are a no-no in the kitchen. As a result, you are more likely to see elegant Carrara marble gracing many homes in the new year, especially in the kitchens. Some people will hedge their bets by choosing Carrara marble quartz doppelgangers to avoid the extra work required to maintain real marble, but the look overall look will be the same. You can do worse than to choose to follow this marble trend in the new year and go for your own white kitchen.

2. Warm tones

White kitchens will be the fashion in 2021, but there is also a resurgence of other natural materials, namely wood. You will see more kitchens going back to stained wood cabinets, hardwood floors, and butcher blocks as part of the workspace. It would not be a bad idea to choose white stone countertops in conjunction with wood cabinets and hardwood floors as stone and wood go very well together.

3. Trendy colors

White kitchens are a perfect foil for color accents. However, if wood is not your speed, you can add pops of color in the kitchen in the form of trendy appliances in various colors. Manufacturers are producing them in retro colors such as cherry red and mint green, or you can go for chic with black. If new appliances are not in the plan, you can still introduce color with your choice of light fixtures, chairs, backsplashes, countertops, or d?cor. You can also have a feature wall in a bold color or abstract art.

4. Cool ceilings

How much thinking do you spend on your ceiling? Chances are not much. Most people waste the opportunity to make a distinct design statement with the ceiling by simply painting it white. However, you can literally have a Sistine Chapel in your home by putting some creative effort on your ceiling. Think of ways to paint, decal, paper, or panel your ceiling to draw the eye up. You will be one of the very few who will do it. Finish the job with distinctive light fixtures.

5. Paper accents

Did you ever wonder why so few homes today use wallpaper? If you ever had to put on, keep intact, and remove them, you would know. However, some designers are again looking to paper to make a design statement. They use modern alternatives to traditional wallpapers such as self-adhesive vinyl that are much easier to handle and maintain to make accent walls in kitchens. Vinyl sheets are available in a wide array of designs, and they are more affordable than wallpaper, so you can experiment with them until you find just the right one for your kitchen.

6. Trusty shelves

People have used open shelves in the kitchen for centuries, but have fallen out of favor and been replaced with closed cabinets. However, with smaller living spaces, open shelves are coming back into fashion. The lack of doors promotes visual continuity, creating the illusion of space. Open shelves also allows you to put in more items than closed cabinets. Of course, you have to keep these shelves clean and tidy at all times, which is where base cabinets with doors come in handy.

7. Metal accents

Using metal to add some depth to the kitchen is hardly a new concept, but it is likely to persist as a trend in 2021. In most kitchens, it will take the form of ornate or modernistic cabinet hardware and fixtures. This can also take the form of metal siding for countertops or shielding for the range hood. However, you can also add some decorative elements such as hanging copper pots and pans, brass candle candelabras, or silver dishes behind glass-fronted display cabinets.

8. Cabinet fronts

Your cabinet supplier will be one of the first to suggest putting cabinet fronts for your appliances to make your kitchen look more cohesive. It is also a clever trick to hide mismatched appliances. You can choose any style of cabinet for this purpose, although you may have to pay a premium for non-standard sizes.

9. Go dark with appliances

Many homes have stainless steel appliances, which is a practical choice. Stainless steel is neutral and easy to maintain. However, it also has a tendency to loom over small spaces. A good alternative is to choose black or gray for the color of your appliances to make your small kitchen seem less confining. Many appliance manufacturers are already offering these color choices for many of their product, so you should have no trouble finding the ones you like.

10. Sink trend

Sinks are hardly romantic, but they are necessary. You can make them atrendy as well by choosing an integrated apron sink in natural stone such as granite pared with brass fixtures. If you have a white kitchen (or planning one) then this is a particularly striking choice.


The start of a new year is as good a time as any to do kitchen remodeling. These 10 ideas for trending designs should get you started on the right path. If you need professional advice, consult with a specialist in kitchen remodeling. Feel free to contact Mimosa Kitchen and Bath. We can service your home or business located in DC metro area, Columbia, Rockville, Bethesda, Jessup, Chevy Chase and surrounding areas.

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