A kitchen or bathroom remodel is a major investment, so it is important to do it right. The first thing you have to do is to hire a reliable remodeling contractor to tackle the project. And it pays to shop around before making a choice. However, even if you found the best contractor to do the job for you, you still need to know some truths about contractors that can help make your remodel go as smoothly as possible. Here are some of those facts.

people working in a kitchen remodel

Contractors have a team

It may be tempting to have a cousin or friend do some part of the remodel, but that is a bad idea. All contractors work with a team of professionals and subcontractors with whom they have good relationships. In most cases, they have worked together on many similar projects, and they have a rhythm to the work. Most importantly for you, the homeowner, the contractor handles all negotiations with these team members on your behalf. So, you will not have to deal with each one individually, and perhaps encounter some issues. You only have to deal with the contractor, and he or she will be accountable for everything.

If you introduce a foreign element to the works, no matter how skilled, it could disrupt the workflow and result in problems with the projects. In addition, the contractor may not be able to control or supervise someone with whom he or she has never worked before, and may even deny accountability for any problems that may result from bringing in someone from the outside.
When you have chosen a contractor to do your home remodel, avoid bringing anyone in yourself to avoid problems with the work and accountability.

old kitchen cabinets or floors

Old stuff (usually) has to go

You can safely keep your vintage lampshade, light fixtures, and other standalone furniture to put in after you have completed your remodel. However, it is not a good idea to try and salvage anything that has been installed in your kitchen and bathroom for decades. In most cases, old stuff like kitchen cabinets and wood floors will not hold up once they are removed with the intention of refacing them. Even if they do, it may take a lot of time and effort to get them into an acceptable condition, and the additional cost may not be worth it. Before finalizing your remodeling contract, ask the contractor about the practical possibility of reusing parts of your kitchen and bathroom. It may cost less to simply replace them with new stuff.

talking about remodel

Play nice

A kitchen remodel is particularly stressful. So, it is easy to get a little snippy with the people working in your home. If you have an issue with a particular worker or subcontractor, it pays to remember that the contractor will be reluctant to jump to your defense and dramatically order that person from the house. The contractor will most likely try to resolve the issue instead. Result in some tension between you and the contractor.

It is better to talk with the contractor about your issues instead of going direct to the source of your ire to avoid awkward confrontations. It is in your best interest to keep the work going. So, you should let the contractor handle your issues in his or her own way.

worker scratching his head

Contractors do not like change orders

Reputable contractors do not underbid kitchen or remodeling projects with the intention of piling on expensive extra work after the contract has been signed. Contractors know that word-of-mouth play a big part in their ongoing success. So, they will not want their customers to complain about their work ethics. Of course, unscrupulous contractors do use these tactics, which is why it is important to contract with a longstanding company with a proven track record.

In fact, reputable contractors dislike change orders because it upsets the work schedule and leads to costly delays. These contractors often have many projects lined up, so it will cost them if they cannot stick to their schedules. They want a contract to have the work clearly outlined and detailed so they can plan the work accordingly issues may crop up in the middle of a remodel such as leaky pipes or a crumbling foundation that will require a change order. But contractors do not want that any more than you do.

image of building permit form

Permission granted

Most homeowners do not think about the permits they will need to get their dream kitchen or bathroom, But the contractors do. Permits are usually for the client?s account. But the contractor can help them get it provided the client?s request follow applicable laws and rules. Local contractors usually have a good working relationship with the permit office in their area. So, they can help a lot to get you the permits you need, but do not expect them to perform miracles. You still have to follow the rules as the contractor will explain to you before going ahead with the project.


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