Have you ever heard of choice overload? This psychological state is where you are unable to make a choice because you have too many choices. This is the case for many homeowners trying to pick out kitchen cabinets.
Many people may find this ridiculous, because it is usually good to have options. However, there comes a point when you have to narrow down your options so you can finally move on to other things.

You can do this in several ways. You can make a list of priorities when it comes to the features you want in your cabinets. You can also base your choices on the overall kitchen design. If these are not working so well for you, use your budget to limit your options. Any of these strategies can help you reduce your choices to a reasonable number so you can focus on the details that will finally land you with a set of kitchen cabinets you want and need.

You might need more information to put these strategies into action. Here are some helpful facts about choosing kitchen cabinets.
An explanation of terms

Most people have just the vaguest idea about the terms used for kitchen cabinets. Style, structure, and features all blur together into a generic ?kitchen cabinet? in their heads. However, you need to understand what some general terms mean to make the right choice. Here are some of these terms explained.


framed cabinets
You may have thought that all cabinets are framed since kitchen cabinets do have a box that technically serves as a frame. However, a framed cabinet has a 1?-inch wide face at the front of the cabinet box, typically used as an anchor for the cabinet door hinges. It is common in traditional kitchens and older homes. The face frame somewhat hinders access to the interior, but it does make the box a tad sturdier.


frameless cabinets
As you might imagine, a frameless cabinet does not have a face frame. You just have the cabinet box, and the cabinet door attaches directly to the box. Frameless cabinets are common in Europe, and a popular choice for contemporary kitchens. The absence of a face frame allows easier access to the interior and a bit more storage space.


J and K cabinets
A stock cabinet is pre-made and fully assembled, and usually available in warehouse stores and home stores. You can also order these cabinets online. These are among the most cost-effective types of kitchen cabinets if locally sourced, and the easiest to install.
However, you have to be careful when choosing stock cabinets. You need to measure them to make sure they will fit the available space in the kitchen. Stick to well-known brands, as generic cabinets tend to be poor in material quality and construction. To be on the safe side, get your stock cabinets from a reliable source.

Ready to Assemble (RTA)

Ready to assemble or RTA cabinets are the same as stock cabinets in the sense that they are prefabricated, but some assembly is required. They typically come in flat boxes, and you or your contractor put them together onsite prior to installation.
RTA cabinets are even more affordable than stock cabinets because shipping them is easier and cheaper. As long as you get from a recognized brand and reliable supplier, these should be perfectly fine for your new kitchen.


Semi-custom cabinets are technically stock cabinets, but you can change some specifications to suit your requirements. They come in a wide variety of colors, material, sizes, styles, and finishes, so you have a little bit more wiggle room than with stock cabinets. As a result, they are more expensive than stock cabinets, but not ruinously so.


Shrock cabinets
The best kind of kitchen cabinets is custom ones if you can afford them. Custom cabinets are not prefab, so you can satisfy your tastes and requirements to the fullest. The cabinetmaker will follow your specifications to the letter, from material to hardware, so you get exactly what you want. These are pricey, but a great investment.

Inspection tips

diagram of cabinet parts
Now that you know some basic terms in cabinetry, you need to make time to go to a showroom and look at the physical cabinet. You should know what to look for during inspection.


You want to make sure the hinges are good quality, because cabinet doors literally hang on them. They also get a lot of use. You want sturdy materials and construction, and they should also be adjustable in case the wood shrinks and you need to align them. It is also a good idea to choose soft-close types, as banging cabinet doors are irritating and will ultimate cause damage to your cabinets.


You want cabinet door panels and sides to be floating, not glued. A floating panel fits precisely into a groove, which keeps it in place. It is a sign of quality workmanship, of which a glued panel is not. Floating panels also have a bit of give to allow for some expansion and contraction of the wood with changes in the temperature or humidity. If the panel is glued down, it might crack as it swells and shrinks. If you are not precisely sure if the panels are floating, ask the sales agent.


You want to check the slides of any drawers to see if they are on the side or the bottom. Typically, side-slider drawers are more durable than bottom-mounted ones.


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