For a lot of people, a white kitchen is boring. Many would rather go for one of those trendy colors when doing a complete kitchen overhaul. Kitchen remodeling is a major undertaking, so you want to make sure you get your money?s worth. However, some trends don?t stand the test of time, especially when it comes colors.

Sometimes you should go for the tried and tested in kitchen remodeling. Many people choose white because it looks clean, which is a good thing when it comes to kitchens. White kitchens are classic for four reasons.

Historical background

1920s white kitchen
If someone were to tell you the white kitchens gained popularity because of flu epidemic, you would probably be scratching your head in puzzlement. However, this is a historical fact.

Back In 1918, a virulent strain of the influenza virus called the Spanish flu swept around world. It killed about half a million people in the US, and millions more around the world, most of them young adults. The pandemic stopped abruptly in late 1918. Nobody really knows to this day how it happened, but by that time, people had a morbid fear of getting sick.

To alleviate this somewhat, household appliance makers in the 1920s began offering products in just white, because it symbolized cleanliness. People felt better having white stuff in the home because it showed up dirt more easily and clean it up.

Of course, even if you can?t see dirt, this does not mean the house is clean. Nevertheless, people felt better about white in their homes, especially in the kitchen, so white became very popularity.

Over the years, homeowners have had a fluctuating relationship with white kitchens. But it never really went out of style. There was a decade when patriotic colors (red, white, blue) enjoyed a strong following, followed by three decades when softer hues gradually gave way to psychedelic colors as the 50s gave way to the 60s and 70s.

Some of this adventuresome spirit in kitchen colors has made their way to modern kitchens, but it pretty much mellowed out by the 80s. The 1980s was still a colorful era, but it stopped short of the kitchen, where neutral colors and Formica ruled.The popularity of natural colors and materials flowered in the 1990s, and the time the 2000s rolled in, Formica was a thing of the ugly past. In its place was natural or engineered stone countertops and RTA cabinets that looked perfect against a backdrop of white walls, ceilings, and floors. It took nearly 100 years, but it circled back to white kitchens.

It makes a positive impact

glowing white marble countertop
Aside from the historical context provided above, white is psychologically a good choice for any kitchen. It makes most people happy. It denotes purity and innocence. White also has a great visual effect. It makes any space look brighter and bigger, which is a plus for small kitchens, kitchens with little or no natural light, or kitchens with a low ceiling. White also lightens up kitchens with dark kitchen cabinets and/or countertops.

White is more marketable

white appliances and/or cabinets
Ask any appliance manufacturer or kitchen cabinet association, and you will get the same answer: white is more marketable. According to these profession associations, white products outsell any other color today.

One reason for this is that many homebuyers appear to like white kitchens. White cabinets or quartz countertops often seal the deal with potential buyers. And it makes it worth considering when choosing colors for your kitchen remodeling. After all, you want to make the most of your investment, and going for a white kitchen is one thing to do it.

White gives a room depth

white kitchen with dark granite countertops
It is important to note that a white kitchen doesn?t mean your kitchen will be totally white. It can work in some circumstances. For instance, you can choose white cabinets to bring darker or metallic elements into focus, such as trims or brass knobs. You can also use white to bring any point of interest into sharp focus, causing them to seem almost to float. This could be tile accents, art pieces, and light fixtures.

Another great thing about incorporating white into a kitchen design is it works with almost anything. It can blend, contrast, or provide a foil for anything in the kitchen without bringing undue attention to itself, no matter the type of kitchen. This is why most kitchen manufacturers offer all their products in white, including sinks, hardware, tiles, counters, and appliances.

You can think of white as a canvas on which to throw anything and make it work. It can work with any type of kitchen, homeowner, mood, and theme and still look like it is part of the whole picture.


White is a safe choice when you don?t want to make too extreme a statement when it comes to kitchen remodeling, and a great one when you do. You can make the best of a white kitchen by consulting a professional kitchen remodeler to walk you through it. Mimosa Kitchen and Bath knows all about kitchen remodeling, so it is a great choice for you if you are in the DC metro area, Columbia, Rockville, Bethesda, Jessup, Chevy Chase and surrounding areas.

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