An easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom is by putting in top choice countertops. Among these are granite, marble, and quartz, which are quite attractive ad durable. They can be quite expensive, but they are certain to last for a long time and require little to no maintenance, so they are a worthy investment. Many people prefer natural stones, so granite for the kitchen and marble for the bathroom are the usual suspects. Those that are fine with manmade stones make a beeline for quartz countertops.

That said, these three are not the only options out there. One that has been making a splash in the home improvement market is concrete countertops. That might seem a bit strange for the uninitiated, but it is actually quite popular. Concrete has been around for a long time, and it was inevitable that people will continue to work on it to improve the way it looks. Modern techniques in staining, coloring, and polishing have made it a suitable material for dimension stone.

People have been using granite for building and construction for much longer than concrete, although this does is not a reason to prefer it to concrete for countertops. Which one should you choose? Evaluating concrete and granite countertops might help you decide.


sample of cost estimate for concrete countertops
Most people follow a budget when doing any remodeling in the home. It might be a large one, or a small one, but cost is always a consideration. In most cases, this is a good starting point for making a decision for any option, including countertops. Comparing the cost of concrete and granite countertops can be very helpful.

While most people might think concrete countertops would be more affordable as the base materials for concrete are low cost, this is not actually the case. Concrete countertops start at around $65 per square foot, and that is for the simplest designs. This does not include the cost of installation, which is a minimum of $30 per hour. This adds a considerable amount to the overall cost, as 50 square feet of concrete countertops take a minimum of 8 hours to install. In some instances, installation can take as much as 24 hours.

Granite countertops actually cost less on average. Prices per square foot start at $35, and this already includes installation if you avail of packages offered by some remodeling companies. You can usually get a free estimate for this without making a commitment to purchase. Of course, if you choose exotic or rare varieties of granite, the cost will go up considerably, but that is entirely up to you. If you have a small budget, you can choose common types of granite. These are just as beautiful and durable as premium granite slabs, just more readily available.

You also have an even cheaper alternative to granite slabs: tiles. They cost between $5 and $15 per square foot, not including installation. Unlike slabs, though, you can DIY installing tiles, so you can save some money right there. Granite tiles are perfect for backsplashes, but they will also do for countertops at a pinch if you have no problem with having quite a few seams.
Overall, granite countertops win over concrete countertops in terms of cost. If you have a small budget, the choice is obvious.


hairline crack in concrete countertops
Concrete is great for construction, because as a building material it is very stable and durable, and is even resistant to heat. It can take a lot of abuse, which is a good thing for load-bearing structures. It might sport some hairline cracks over time, but that is not usually a major issue as these are usually just on the surface.

This tendency to develop hairline cracks is a problem, however, when it comes to countertops. This is particularly prevalent along stress points such as along cutouts, especially if it is a precast countertop. Concrete is quite heavy, and it settles over time, which can result in cracks forming. Insufficient support will exacerbate this, so it is important for the installer to provide adequate support for the concrete countertops. Surface hairline cracks are easily reparable, but it can be a bit of a headache for homeowners.

Cracks forming are a rarity with granite countertops once installed. Granite is inherently stable, so settling is not an issue. That said, thinner granite countertops can crack if there is inadequate support, or the fabrication is not done by an expert. You should really leave the fabrication and installation to professionals for best results. Hairline and other minor cracks in granite that do appear are also easily reparable, so that is another thing in its favor.

In terms of durability, granite countertops still come up on top compared to concrete countertops.


polished granite countertops
Both concrete and granite countertops are porous to some degree. Sealers can alleviate this to some degree. Comparatively, however, concrete is much more porous, so staining is a real problem for concrete countertops, and requires regular and heavy sealing. Even then, concrete tends to harbor bacteria quite easily, so it is not as food safe as granite countertops. In terms of care, granite requires less attention than concrete. This is a crucial issue for busy homeowners.


Concrete countertops are definitely an interesting and attractive option for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. However, it has serious issues in terms of cost, durability, and care that make it less than ideal for many homeowners.
In fact, homeowners that have this trendy feature in their homes have given it less than stellar ratings, which should serve as a warning for the rest of us. If you want safe and beautiful countertops for your home, you should look into granite rather than concrete. At Mimosa Kitchen ad Bath, we can help you with your granite countertops.

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