A bathroom remodel is the perfect opportunity to create a room that caters to your every comfort and reflects your personal style. The bathroom is a highly functional part of the home, but it can also be a very attractive one. With a little planning and a few excellent tips, you can turn your bathroom into your favorite room. Here are some essential tips for bathroom remodeling.

Tip 1: Consult other people

It often helps to get some feedback from other people who will be using the bathroom. You can make sure the space will suit the needs and tastes of everyone using it. Of course, you might not always agree on every little thing, but you should be able to establish a general direction for the design and functional areas of the room.

It also helps to agree on the basic requirements for the bathroom to help you establish the budget, and leave something for extras. A bathroom remodel often reveals unexpected problems and issues, so you need to leave some wiggle room.

Planning your bathroom remodel with the other people in your home can help keep everything on track, even with some bumps along the way. It also helps to have everybody on board with the remodeling, as it can be quite a stressful experience and could take as long as a couple of months, especially if you keep making changes. Consult with others in the home, make a plan, and stick to it as closely as possible.
If you need some help with forming a workable plan, consult with a professional remodeling company. They can help you with practical matters as well as the design of your new bathroom.

Tip 2: Choose a general layout

A standard bathroom is a toilet, sink, and shower or bathtub. In some cases, you can have an extra sink, both a shower and bathtub, and even a fireplace if you are lucky enough to have enough space for a truly spa experience. In other cases, you might have only space for a sink and toilet. The layout will depend on the intention for the bathroom. Here are some general layouts from which to choose.


This is technically a standard bathroom, but with some suite fixtures. The design usually has built-in cabinets and a full vanity with matching countertops.

Wet room

Wet rooms are primarily a shower stall, so there are no enclosures. This is usually the layout when the space is just enough for a shower and nothing else. Since the water goes all over the room and into a floor drain, the whole floor has to be waterproof, or the water will seep through to the rooms below. It takes an experienced remodeler to do this properly.

En Suite

En suite typically means a bathroom inside a bedroom, making it a single unit. This usually applies to master bedrooms, which would have a full bathroom attached and accessible only through the bedroom. The issue with an en suite bathroom is that you can hear everything happening in the bathroom, so soundproofing would be a good idea. You could also put in a modern inlet valve to keep the noise of flushing and water refilling down. You will also need a vent fan if the bathroom has no windows to keep moisture levels down.

Powder room

A powder room is typically for guests to freshen up, so it is in the first floor of the home, usually near the front door for accessibility. Some people call it a half-bath, although there is usually no way to take a bath or shower. You have a toilet, sink, and maybe a vanity with lots of guest soaps and toiletries.

Tip 3: Keep pipes in place

You might be in for some nasty surprises when you get a clear view of the state of your pipes and wiring during demolition. You might have to replace them, which is going to cost you quite a bit. However, you can still keep the costs under control by leaving them in place as much as possible. You should make a floor plan that will not require you to relocate anything major such as the toilet or sink.
Of course, you might not have a choice if the original layout is not space efficient. You might need to move things around a bit to maximize the space. This will set you back quite a bit of change, but it wills serve you well in the end.

It all boils down to what you can afford. If you have a limited budget, your best move is to keep your old plumbing and wires in place, and only replace when necessary. Your contractor can advise you on what you can leave alone, and what you definitely have to change. Your contractor can also advise you on some things you can do to create more actual and visual space, such as replacing your standard vanity with a floating one, choosing a slimmer toilet, and using a frameless enclosure for your shower. Putting in larger mirrors can also help make the bathroom look bigger.

Tip 4: Plan for lights

Lights can change the way a bathroom looks, depending on your needs. Warm lighting can make it more inviting, while bright lights can make it look bigger. You need to plan the placement and type of lights for your bathrooms for each area to make it more appealing and functional.


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