The idea of major bathroom remodeling might seem scary if you have never done it before. Bathrooms are tricky, so you want to make sure you have everything down pat. You can most easily to this by approaching it like a military operation. You put a team together, which is most likely by engaging a reliable contractor, drawing up your overall objective, and establishing goals. Below are the essential steps to your military campaign/bathroom remodel.

(contractors working on a bathroom

Putting a team together

You can choose to find people to do different parts of the remodel, or you can find a contractor that already has a team. The latter is usually a better idea. Because members of the team have probably worked together before. And know each other?s strengths and weaknesses. This is important if you want the project to go smoothly. Workers that do not work well together can result in costly delays and/or sub par work.

However, not all contractors will provide you with best results. You want one that has the necessary licenses and insurance for your state. This gives you some assurance that the contractor is competent and reliable. Most importantly, reputable contractors will not leave you hanging or do shoddy work because they have much to lose if you complain to the concerned agencies and/or post negative feedback that will affect their online reputation. Speaking of which, a good way to find a reputable contractor for your area is to check online reviews and get recommendations from friends and family. In most cases, the most reliable contractors are available from professional remodeling companies, so do a search for those in your area as well.

Planning the remodel

Once you have a good idea of where to get a team of professionals together, you need to go into the details that will make up your overall bathroom design. Bathrooms tend to not lend itself to last-minute changes or easy structural modifications as these usually require a lot of resources to execute. You need to give exact and detailed instructions for the contractor before the work begins.

leaky pipes and moldy wall in bathroom

Necessary repairs

A bathroom remodel is an excellent opportunity to do major repairs. Such as leaky pipes, water damage, mold remediation, and failing sub floors. Carrying any of these tasks outside a bathroom remodel is messy and expensive And usually not tasks you can DIY like surface repairs. In most cases, it means knocking down a wall or ripping out tiles. So, it makes perfect sense to do whatever repairs you can while the workers are in there. That said, you might not be aware of some major problems you have, which is why it is always best to have a professional contractor to do an assessment when planning a bathroom remodel. If nothing else, the contractor can include contingency costs for potential repairs as a worst-case scenario to prevent any nasty surprises once the remodel begins.

diagram of bathroom layouts

Layout costs

Deciding on the final layout of your bathroom is an essential step in a bathroom remodel if you plan to change the current one. This usually involves moving not only the major components of the bathroom, but the underlying structure as well. This is no easy task under any circumstances, and costs quite a bit as well in terms of labor and materials. If a change in layout will not make a significant difference to the look or function of your bathroom. It is probably a good a idea to work with the existing layout. You can shave as much as $5000 from your bathroom remodeling project for each structural element you leave in place.

torn down bathroom wall

Size considerations

In most cases, you have to work with the current size of a bathroom unless there is a way to make it bigger by knocking down a wall and extending it into an existing space. You can certainly make it smaller, but this is not usually desirable. Whichever way you?re thinking, you need to understand that knocking down or putting up a bathroom wall is much more complicated (and expensive) than doing the same thing in any other room. Again, you have to contend with underlying structures such as pipes and electrical wiring.

You probably have to lay a complete set of tiles as well to finish it, although mixed materials in the bathroom is trending today. Before deciding on changing the size of the room, consider if it will make your life better and/or the value of your home higher. If it will not, you might want to stick with the current size of the bathroom and put any money you save back in your pocket or towards getting better-quality stuff for the renovation.

before and after bathrooms

Key updates

If you?re lucky, the only thing you really need to do is to update one or two key elements for your bathroom. It may be to replace an old, chipped bathtub with a hot tub or a shower, or replace floor or wall tiles. If this is the case, you will want to focus all your money and energy on making these updates count. Buy the best you can afford and have professionals do it for you. It is not the time to skimp.


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