Kitchen remodeling is a major undertaking, and the last thing you want to do is stress over the kind of sink to put in. The bad news is you really have to. The sink has a profound effect on the look and function of the kitchen. If you choose the wrong one, you?ll be stuck with that decision until your next upgrade. Here are the most common sink types you are likely to encounter for your remodel.

Rimmed sink

top mounted sink
The rimmed sink, also known as a drop-in or top mount sink, is the type with which you are probably most familiar. You will find them in many older kitchens, and it is the easiest and most affordable to install once a proper hole or cutout is prepared for it.
The reason people call it a drop-in sink is you literally drop it in to the prepared cutout. The hole should be just the right size so that the rim of the sink rests securely on the edges of the cutout. Typically, you secure the rim to the edge with silicone to seal it and keep the sink from moving around.

Rimmed sinks are DIY-friendly as long as you have the hole to put it through. That is not so easy with natural stone countertops, so if you have new ones put in, make sure the fabricator has precise measurements of your sink. You can probably make the hole yourself in a laminate or solid surface counter if you have the right tools.

The downside to a rimmed sink is it rides higher than the countertop, so there is a sort of speed bump between the counter and the sink. This makes it a little difficult to clean counters, because soap, water, and any debris are likely to hit and stay on the wrong side of the rim.

Undermount sink

under mount sink with granite counter
As you can probably deduce, an under mount sink goes just under the countertop instead of over it. Typically, you would need some type of framework under the basin, as the countertop does not support any part of the sink. Clips attached under the counter keep the sink in place.
Undermount sinks are actually much more popular today than rimmed sinks, although it is not as common. This is because the clean lines go well with granite, marble, and quartz countertops.

Aside from the sleek look, under mount sinks also make cleanups a lot easier, because there is no hindrance from countertop surface to sink. However, there is still a bit of lip between the underside of the countertop and the top of the sink, so it would still be necessary to check that regularly to make sure that area is clean.

The main issue with undermount sinks is installation. It requires quite a bit of construction know-how to make the support, and the cutout has to be even more precise than a rimmed sink. The edges of the cutout will not be hidden from sight, so it has to be clea and the margins have to be even all around. DIY may not be route for this type of sink.

Integrated sink

granite countertop with integrated sink
An interesting type of sink that has been gaining some ground in higher end kitchens is the integrated sink. This is technically a countertop with a built-in sink of the same material. It is available in a variety of materials such as concrete, stainless steel, quartz stone, and solid surface. These are also available in granite and marble, but in some cases, the sinks are separate. They are only integrated during installation.
The great thing about integrated sinks is how awesome it looks. It has a seamless, sleek look that has a big impact on the rest of the kitchen. They are fully customization, so you can choose any type of material, finish, shape, size, depth, and basin type.

Integrated sinks also make cleanup a breeze as there are no nooks and crannies for gunk to hid in anywhere on the surface.
The issue is the cost. Integrated sink countertops are significantly more expensive than regular sinks, and that is apart from the costs of installation and sealing (for porous materials such as natural stones and concrete). However, these are small issues if you have the money for it.


These are just the most popular and/or interesting types of sinks you might want to consider for your new kitchen. Each one have variations based on material, shape, type of basin, and number and size of basins, so you could say this is a more or less comprehensive list.

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