Not a lot of people believe in feng shui, a long-time Chinese practice that seeks to create harmony and balance to the world. However, it certainly does not hurt to know something about it, especially when kitchen remodeling. Colors play a big part in this practice, because it is believed that certain colors bring about certain energies into the home when placed in the right bagua areas. The best part is, the good colors also look great in the kitchen! Here are some suggestions for you.

gray kitchen


Some people find gray a bit too drab, but certain shades can bring airy and welcoming energy into your kitchen if you get a lot of natural light. Soft gray wall cabinets work very well with the earth tones in a granite countertop and the wood in your floors. Pair it with distressed base cabinets or a kitchen island in white, and you have a winner.

sky blue kitchen

Sky blue

If gray is just a bit too neutral for you, can go try sky blue instead. Use it for your backsplashes and under-counter surfaces to avoid overwhelming the kitchen, and pair it with earth colors. Sky blue has a calm and happy energy if your kitchen happens to be in the North bagua, as water is the element for this part of the home. You should also spend a lot of time in the kitchen in this area if you want success in your career, because it positively affects career and path in life.

yellow kitchen


A great feng shui color for the kitchen is yellow, because it represents fire, so it is almost literally the perfect one for the kitchen. In feng shui, the color yellow brings about prosperity, abundance and happiness in relationships. It also doesn?t hurt that yellow is inherently cheerful.
It is best to use yellow in combination with other colors such as green or black and white to keep the kitchen from looking too bright. Use it for your kitchen cabinets and trims, and maybe one or two walls.

white kitchen


It may seem clich? or clinical to some people, but white is actually a good way to bring freshness and purity into your kitchen. In feng shui, white brings in the metal element, which also represents discipline and precision. When used correctly, the metal feng shui element makes the kitchen look welcoming instead of cold. Put white elements in the North, West, and Northwest bagua areas of the kitchen.

black kitchen


Like blue, black is a great color for a kitchen in the North bagua area. You can put it to good use as a counterfoil to white for a yin-yang effect, or with bright colors like yellows. It will give your kitchen lots of energy and looks.

green kitchen


If your kitchen is facing the Southeast or east, green is a good color for bringing in vitality and freshness into the home. Mint or avocado green have different psychological ?flavors,? but they both represent the wood element, and this is good for health, family, and skills building. It will go with most stone and wood, so go for the granite or engineered countertops and hardwood flooring for your new green kitchen.

kitchen with red in Center bagua


It is not easy to incorporate red in the kitchen, but you should make an effort to do so if your kitchen is in the Southwest, Northwest, or Center bagua areas. These have the earth element, so red, which is a fire element, nourishes these areas. The rich color also represents good luck and prosperity, so if you want some of those, put a bit of red in your design. It is easiest if you have a predominantly white or black kitchen, because red will not overwhelm those colors, and you can afford to put quite a bit of them in there. Otherwise, content yourself with a bit of red on the trims or near the ceiling.

pink kitchen


An unlikely color for the kitchen pink can hold its own in a Southwest-facing kitchen if you use it with restraint. Use it for one wall or for the sink backsplash, and your kitchen will give off vibes of gentleness, love, and calm.


Some combinations work better than others do. Here are some color pairing suggestions for good feng shui.
? Yellow and green ? solid, soothing, and fresh, this is a great combination for a kitchen in the Southwest or Northeast area
? Gray and yellow ? instead of a light yellow, go for a more saturated hue and combine it with grey for a stunning visual effect. In this combination, yellow is earth and grey is metal. It is the perfect combination for a kitchen to draw in calm and abundance in equal measures.
? Dark green and copper ? If you like a monochromatic kitchen, you can still bring have a stunning kitchen that will bring in good feng shui. A dark green kitchen accented with copper elements makes this an interesting kitchen, and a lucky one if it is a South or Southeast one.


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