You?re redesigning your bathroom with beautiful new stone countertops. But which edge profiles should you select? A lot of homeowners overlook this aspect of selecting the look and design of their bathroom counters. There are many areas of the restroom that play an integral role in the feel and style of your bathroom d?cor. The edges of your bathroom vanity tops really matter, not just because of the look but the functionality as well. If you?re not sure which edge profiles to choose for your new bathroom countertops, then this guide may give you some insight. Let?s look at some of the various choices you can select from for your bathroom countertops.

bathroom with square edge profile

Square Edge Bathroom Countertops

Here?s a very simple design for the bathroom vanity top. It?s clean-lined and simple, giving you the perfect square look. However, it does have kerfs, or grooves, that help soften the dangerous corners so they?re not too sharp. These grooves help to reduce the potential of injuries and prevents the stone from being chipped or broken. This is very important if you?re having quartz or natural stones like granite and marble slabs installed in your bathroom.

If you?re looking for a design that doesn?t draw attention from other bathroom details, such as an elegant backsplash or dramatic faucet, then this is for you. You can choose between an eased edge with a square flat face and somewhat rounded top edge. Or you can opt for a square edge with waterfall, which has a squared edge that has a small dip before falling over the edge.

counter with beveled edge

Beveled Edge Bathroom Countertops

A countertop with a beveled edge presents tasteful elegance for your bathroom d?cor. Back in the day, this was a sign a stone slab was made with real stone. However, you can?t rely on this today since unnatural stones and materials are also given this design. You can choose a stone countertop with extreme beveled edges, which is where the top half of the bevel has a slanted pitch. If you?re going for a luxury style bathroom remodeling then this choice may be the right one for your bathroom countertops.

counter with mitered edge

Mitered Edge Bathroom Countertops

With this bathroom countertop, you?re getting a weighty-looking countertop without purchasing a larger slab. This will make your bathroom countertops the focal point of the space, so make sure this is what you?re aiming for. It?s the perfect addition to both modern and traditional bathroom designs. You can choose between eased and mitered edges. The mitered top has a somewhat eased edge with corners that are rounded. This simple detail can really enhance the look of your bathroom countertops.

counter with bullnose edge

Bullnose Edge Bathroom Countertops

Here?s a very popular edge profile for bathroom countertops, especially for stones like granite. This comes with a deeply rounded style that adds warmth and softness to your countertop. If you want to show off the thickness and solidity of your granite countertop, then this is a great way to do so. Those with children will also find bullnose edges to be an exceptional choice. You have the option of selecting a demi-bullnose edge or half-bullnose edge. The first has the curve of a bullnose edge combined with a bit of angling at the countertop?s base. The latter has a smooth rounded surface, which shows a big cross-section of the stone slab.

counter with ogee edge

Premium Edge Bathroom Countertops

Now, you?ll find many different basic edge profiles to choose from, as well as special edge upgrades. One to consider are the premium edges, such as waterfall, ogee, DuPont, cove, chiseled and quirk.

Here?s a quick look at the differences between the premium edge bathroom vanity tops:

? Ogee: Has two graceful sweeping arches that look like an S curve. It?s an elegant classic you?ll love for your bathroom remodeling.
? Waterfall: This has a rounded top that falls over the edge, hence its name.
? DuPont: This has a regal look with sharp features and a straight drop that flows into a curve that looks like a bullnose edge.
? Cove: This comes with a bowl-shaped bevel that has grooved edges.
? Chiseled: This has a rustic style that looks a lot like wood or stone before it?s polished and sanded.
? Quirk: This has an L-shaped edge, much like a step.

Getting New Bathroom Countertop Installations

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