Not all homes have a powder room, but homeowners that do have one have an opportunity to impress guests by redoing them with inspired color combinations. Powder rooms are like showcases. You can be as flamboyant or bold as you want with them and choose colors that may not work in bathrooms used regularly by several people.

A flamboyance of flamingoes

flamingo print wallpaper
Pink flamingos are a bit over the top in a regular bathroom, but they certainly make a distinct impression for anyone walking into a powder room where they live. Flamingo wallpaper is one option that can work, because powder rooms are often drier than regular bathrooms. You can also have them painted on the walls in a fantastical and flamboyant vista.
A bathroom redo that involves flamingos is fun and dramatic, especially if you choose a black background and pair it with black marble. Balance out all these bold colors by choosing a simple mirror and fixtures.

By the beach

bathroom with blue-and-white tiles and sandy floor
Powder rooms are typically small, so you can make it look a bit larger by choosing light colors. Use the beach as inspiration by choosing blue and white tiles for the walls, a lighter blue pat for the ceiling, and rock blasted sand-colored granite floors. All you need to complete the picture of a day by the beach is a sun-inspired mirror and some seashells on the sand-colored granite bathroom vanity.

Black and gold

bathroom with black tile backsplash and gold walls
You might think that black and gold would make a somewhat garish combination, but not if you choose wisely. Use gold or dull yellow tiles to frame black marble or granite vanity and backsplash. Tie it in with chrome fixtures, black-hooded light fixtures, and a large, plain mirror. Elegant and dramatic would be understatements for a powder room with this color combination.

Go for blue

Navy blue bathroom
Navy blue is trending for many bathrooms today because it fits many motifs. You can go cool and sleek with it by accenting navy blue walls and floors with chrome light fixtures, ultra-modern faucets, and an integrated sink in gray granite. You can also go classy and elegant by using the navy blue as the background for a stylish chandelier, gold accents, and white marble vanity.

Sticks and stone

bathroom with wooden floors
Most bathrooms would be a bad place for wood floors. The exception is the powder room, which is why you should take advantage. Go for the natural and eco-friendly route by using recycled wood for the floors, granite vanity top and backsplash, and bead board walls. Continue the green theme by installing a water efficient toilet.

Mosaic moment

bathroom with large mosaic tiles
Mosaic tiles can be at the opposite end of the spectrum from monochromatic because it can be a collection of many, many colors. It is almost as if jewels had been carelessly scattered in your powder room.
A white background is probably the best way to show off the colors of whatever mosaic tiles you choose, whether it is a simple damask design, or Moroccan pattern. White will reflect the colors, which makes them more impact. You can use the dominant or underlying color of the mosaic tiles to inspire your choice of granite or quartz countertops.

Opposites attract

white bathroom with black accents
Complementary colors are always going to have a dramatic visual impact, but none more so that white and black. The great thing about this color combination is that it is easy to elevate a typical white bathroom from the boring to bold. You can swap out some of the white tiles with black in some type of pattern. You can also install a black vanity top and backsplash, and cabinets. Add accents such as pewter or stainless steel faucets and a beveled mirror.


A bathroom redo of your powder room gives you a chance to express your inner artist or Bohemian. Do not let it go to waste by selecting conventional colors. Choosing one of these inspire color combinations can make a lasting impression on anyone that sees it.

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