Trends come and go, but some looks tend to stick around for far longer than you would expect. One example of this is the Midcentury Modern style that first came out in the 1930s and persisted until the 1960s. The style has German influences, particularly the Bauhaus.
The Midcentury Modern style uses mixed materials, gentle curves and clean lines. It is just in line with the trends today, but most importantly, adding a midcentury touch to the modern kitchen is not actually a trend. It is classic touching on contemporary. Here are some suggestions for adding some midcentury style to your modern kitchen.

Bold and simple

colorful kitchen with yellow quartz countertops and black-and-white checked floor
Most people associate simple with stark, but that is not actually the case. You can have a simply bold kitchen and still be on point.
Bold colors are actually characteristic of the mid century modern style, so yellow or orange countertops with matching backsplashes is a perfect way to make a midcentury splash in your kitchen. Add a black-and-white checked floor and you have a striking kitchen. To balance out the strong colors, choose neutral cabinets and appliances.

Breakfast, anyone?

(teak table for breakfast nook and cork tile floors in midcentury patterns
Adding a breakfast nook in the kitchen where there was none before is relatively easy. Any old window will do as long as you have the space in front of it for a table and chairs. Put in alcove seating to mark the area, add a vintage table and chairs, and voila! Midcentury breakfast, anyone? Cork tile floors in a midcentury pattern will just about complete the picture.

An apple a day

apple green cabinets and white quartz countertops
Apple green was a popular color for the midcentury style of kitchen, and it is airy enough for use in copious amounts in the kitchen, such as for kitchen cabinets. Pair them with white quartz countertops, and you will not know if you are coming and going. Add some vintage d?cor such as warehouse light fixtures, black and white diamond tile floors, and retro style appliances, and you will be swearing it is the 1940s.

White out

white countertops and cabinets with light gray mosaic tile full backsplash and retro style refrigerator
Bold colors are characteristic of the midcentury style, but white is a classic, so it is perfectly possible to create a midcentury look in a white kitchen. You simply need to emphasize clean and smooth lines for your countertops and cabinets. Choose solid white quartz countertops with a drainboard (classic midcentury) and flat-slab cabinets with shiny chrome hardware. Add a retro ref and hexagon marble tile backsplashes, and you definitely have some authentic vibes going on.

Ceramic style

yellow retro kitchen
Ceramic tiles were common for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and countertops in midcentury homes, and you can replicate that in your modern kitchen. You can use ceramic tiles, or opt for granite or marble tiles. In any case, the trick is choosing the right colors to pair with black border tiles.

Ceramic tiles have a much wider range of color options than granite or marble tiles, so if you are going for colorful, then you might want to stick with ceramic tiles for the backsplashes and for the floor tiles in checkered design. Choose something suitably bold colors like sunshine yellow for your backsplashes and floor so you can still use granite or marble tile or even slabs for your countertops. It is a win-win choice. You can also choose Shaker style cabinets in white.

Appliance wise

colored appliances in black and white kitchen
Black cabinets, white quartz countertops, and white subway tiles in brickwork pattern makes a stunning canvas for the colored appliances you must have for your midcentury kick. Manufacturers now produce appliances in many colors, so it is just a question of choosing Cherry Red or Robin?s Egg Blue. Once you make your choice, you can drive home the vibe with matching cabinet hardware and other accents.

Countertop accessories

peach quartz countertops and mosaic backsplash with vintage canisters in mint green
Sometimes, little things add the necessary touch for a retro look. Granite or quartz countertops in a neutral color can serve as the canvas for a colorful mosaic backsplash and flat-slab cabinets. Finish off the subtle hints with vintage d?cor, such as matching canisters in mint green under warm LED under cabinet lighting.

Mixed materials

mint green kitchen with porcelain sink with drainboard and wood kitchen table
A characteristic of the midcentury style is the use of mixed materials and certain colors. Mint green walls make a cool introduction to the porcelain sink with drain board, a classic midcentury feature. Add in a Formica countertop with metal edging and Thermofoil cabinets in powder coated metal finish for authentic styling, and finish off with retro task lights.


Successful kitchen remodeling is a marriage of form and function. A well-designed kitchen can be colorful without being chaotic. The Midcentury Modern esthetic is fun and playful, just the thing to add a little humor for the benefit of a relatively serious generation. These suggestions for adding a midcentury touch to the modern kitchen can help you find your inner groove. Mimosa Kitchen and Bath can get you there.

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