Most homeowners spend between $13,345 and $36,712 on small kitchen remodels. This is a significant financial commitment. Therefore, it is important for you to be happy with the investment as well as the outcome. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to make small kitchen remodel mistakes that leave them less satisfied after the completion of the project.

To help you succeed in remodeling your small kitchen, we’ve put together a list of kitchen remodel mistakes you need to avoid during this process. Doing so will help you save your time, money, and effort.

Underestimating The Scope

scope small kitchen remodel

Remodeling a kitchen, even though a small one, is a large project to take on and can be stressful. Don’t be surprised if it is more complicated than you might?ve imagined earlier.

Most homeowners make the mistake of focusing on major items and design but usually overlook function, practicality, and other details. Whether you have kitchen remodeling contractors near you working or you are taking it on yourself, you would never know what to expect during the kitchen remodeling process.

You have to allow yourself plenty of time during the design phase in order to map out the entire project, including small and large tasks.

Similarly, you should expect some obstacles, but hopefully, what you learn here will eliminate any small kitchen remodel mistakes. Further, it’s alright to feel overwhelmed. Just don’t feel shy to ask for help throughout the process or seek professional advice when you need it.

Improperly Allocating Your Budget

Although it is crucial to set a budget for a small kitchen remodel, it is more important to stick to it. Failing to do so may prove to be one of the biggest small kitchen remodel mistakes.

When allocating your budget, you have to assign each step of the process an appropriate percentage reflecting how much it will cost. For instance, cabinets are easily the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel and may take up to 30% of your budget.

Similarly, kitchen countertops and flooring will account for a big chuck as well. Appliances, paint, light, cabinet hardware, sink, and faucets, and the list go on.

Always plan well and double-check your numbers a few times. You should also make sure you have an emergency fund too. This is because during a kitchen remodel, unexpected expenses pop up. You might end up choosing an expensive item or there might be major repairs, causing the budget to go haywire.

Therefore, by setting aside extra funds in your budget, you will be prepared for the unexpected and finish the project as planned.

Skimping Out on Countertop Space

kitchen countertop remodel

Adequate countertop space is important for the well-functioning of the kitchen. Including enough space into your design for food prep, cooking, and dirty dishes is important. However, it is also important to avoid cluttering them with small appliances and other knick-knacks.

You may also want to consider adding a kitchen island into your design for additional meal preparation and cooking space. Work with your designer to choose countertops that are both suitable for the kitchen and durable.

For instance, everyone seems to love the elegance of marble countertops, but it requires a lot of maintenance and might not be suitable for some kitchens.

Many homeowners unknowingly make such small kitchen remodel mistakes and regret it. However, if you have set your heart on marble, you can check out other quartz countertops that resemble the look and come with more durability.

Measuring Kitchen Space Only Once

Incorrect measurements tend to create the costliest small kitchen remodel mistakes. When it comes to measuring your small kitchen make sure you measure at least twice.

This may seem like a piece of obvious advice, but you would be surprised how often the measurements turn out to be incorrect.

If you measure wrong, you could risk an appliance not fitting in its designated space or having counters that don’t have the right height for the individuals using them. Moreover, measure in person and verify all measurements of appliances, including how the doors open.

Furthermore, never take rough estimates or round off your numbers up or down. Make drawings indicating all measurements with square footage accurately.

Forgetting to Include Storage

storage small kitchen remodel mistakes

Having plenty of storage is at the top of the list of small kitchen remodeling ideas you should consider while remodeling. During the design phase, think of where it makes the most sense to store pans, dishes, utensils, and pots. Note that drawer dividers are increasingly popular to maximize kitchen storage.

Further, having enough space to hide small appliances will help you to keep the countertops clutter-free and provide you with more workspace.

In addition, it is essential to build cabinet space to store food. If you have enough space to include one, building a pantry to store your essentials is a great way to avoid kitchen storage mistakes.

Failing to Install Adequate Lighting

Insufficient lighting is one of the most common small kitchen remodel mistakes. Depending on where your kitchen is located in your house, you may or may not have a window providing natural light.

Having the right type of kitchen lighting is vital when preparing and cooking food and for the general comfort and utilization of the space.

You should include different types of lighting into your design. For example, overhead lighting for overall brightness, spot or cabinet lighting for workspaces, and accent lighting to create beautiful focal points in your kitchen.

Neglecting Wall Space

Organizing your small kitchen doesn’t need to be limited to pantries and cabinet storage.

Available wall space is usually an overlooked aspect of small kitchen remodel designs. Including features such as shelves and hanging racks can prove helpful to avoid cluttering up other spaces.