The bathroom remodeling process is quite extensive and lengthy and rightfully so. You?re only going to remodel your bathroom so many times so you want to ensure that you get the bathroom of your dreams.?

After all, your bathroom remodel has to be a combination of functionality and aesthetics. In order to strike the right balance while remodeling your bathroom, you have to follow these steps and make the right decisions throughout the remodel.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

planning bathroom remodel

When you?re remodeling your bathroom, think about the do’s and don?ts, what you like, and what you don’t in your existing bathroom. The first step is to list down everything you like along with what is currently missing.?

It doesn’t matter if you have a small bathroom or a large bathroom in your home. You can still make changes and turn your bathroom into something exceptional.?

For instance, you should always start with the plumbing. While you?re at it, have a look at your services and the placement of your plumbing. You should also check how well those services will work with you and your new fittings.

Speaking of water, don’t forget to think about your hot water services. You should see whether it’s time to update them or not. You must also waterproof all wet areas in line with the council regulations.?

After you?re done with that, you should measure your walls, windows, doors, and consider how well your new fittings will fit into your existing space. You must remember to leave for storage space in your bathroom.

Order the Materials

The next step of the bathroom remodel process is to order all the materials. You should order every single material ahead of time as the delivery of various products may differ widely. So, plan and order everything you need beforehand to avoid any delays in the bathroom remodeling length.

Lastly, consider the color and texture of your chosen finishing touches, and tie them in with the whole bathroom design.

Understand the Budget and Labor

It’s easy to look up the shower, toilet, and sink you desire online and compare prices. The real struggle begins when you are on a strict budget and timeline.?

It can get pretty stressful to decide on fixtures, tiles, accessories for your new room within your budget. It?s also essential to set a timeline and complete your remodel as per the decided bathroom remodel length.

This is where a top-rated bathroom remodel contractor near you can help you out. A general contractor will charge $60 – $250/ hr, depending on their experience, expertise, locality, and team. While you might be paying them for their services, they will ensure that your bathroom remodel is done seamlessly and on time. If you plan to save money while remodeling, you can go the DIY-route.

However, if you plan to DIY, be careful of the challenges and prepared for any unexpected nuisances and difficulties that will come your way. A qualified professional will save time and frustration, but it could add to the labor expense.?

Install Fixtures

install bathroom fixtures

If you’re about to remodel your bathroom, deciding on a vanity, sink, and shower can be overwhelming. But, these are all important decisions you must make while consulting with a bathroom remodeling company near you.

When it comes to faucets and fixtures, choose products that will give you the quality that lasts a lifetime. Unless absolutely necessary, try not to move your existing fixtures as you?ll have to invest in plumbing and other expensive aspects like re-tiling and planning a new bathroom layout.

If you have a small or average size bathroom, you can start by replacing your bathtub with a decent walk-in shower to maximize the floor space. Choose a sliding glass panel door for your shower as any divide will make your room appear small.?

Even doors and curtains can make a room look tiny and cramped. Instead, try to install a sliding glass panel door so that there is no visible separation in the room.?

If you do not have the budget to buy glass, you can opt for a transparent or sheer shower curtain to create the illusion. If you’re not on board with both the ideas, you can leave it open with a freestanding shower.?

Paint Your Bathroom

Perhaps, the easiest way to transform any room is by painting it. You must be careful while choosing the color for your bathroom. Since bathrooms are usually cramped, dark colors can make them look small and dull. Instead, opt for neutral and light colors like white or beige to liven up the space.

Don’t be afraid to introduce some color into your bathroom as a part of the bathroom remodeling process, but keep this design rule in mind.?

The 60:30:10 rule:

  • Where 60% is the main color, such as white tiles/color on your wall,?
  • 30% is the midrange color where you can consider darker floor tiles and vanity,
  • 10% is your accent color, punchy, bold, which you can introduce in your towels and accessories.?

White is always a great first choice if you have a narrow space. You can then introduce a darker tile on the floor and vanity.?

Add Tiling

bathroom tiling remodel

There are two different types of tile: floor and wall tile. You can use the floor tiles on the walls, but you can’t use wall tiles on the floors. Why? Floor tiles are made to have a grip so that you don?t trip in your bathroom. Ensure that you do not mix those up during the bathroom remodeling process.

Think about tiles relative to the space. Elongated tiles will make the space appear larger. While smaller tiles act as a focal point. You can use smaller tiles as a feature but not throughout your bathroom.

A simple reason behind this is that the larger the tile, the bigger the space is going to look. So, running your tiles up to the ceiling will make your bathroom appear vast. Once you select your color scheme, choosing your flooring is easy. You can opt from vast, resilient and durable flooring options such as tile, vinyl, hardwood and LVT. These will provide form and functionality within your budget.?

Install Lights and Vents

You have to keep your bathroom light as moody and decent as possible. Add a combination of task, ambient, and accent lighting to cover all bases.

The best type of light is a natural diffused light that makes grooming and applying makeup much easier and precise. Have lights on either sides of the room to get an even look.?Lighted mirrors are another great addition. Don’t rely on overhead lights as lighted mirrors are great for overall illumination.?

You can also include freestanding or wall-mounted vanity mirrors. Even a ring light with built-in lights is a great option.?While you?re remodeling your bathroom, ensure that you don?t forget about the bathroom ventilation. Hook up the ventilation system to let the moisture out. It will help get rid of all the mold and mildew and keep your bathroom safe in the long run.

Add Smart Storage Solutions?

storage bathroom remodeling process

You need space for your everyday essentials like towels, toilet paper, makeup and grooming products. Open shelving is the perfect solution for all your storage needs. You can also DIY it and install it yourself easily.

You can switch up decor by shifting a few items from the shelves to the cupboard and vice versa. You can place open or floating shelves neatly to give a unique touch to your overall remodel.?

If you want to maximize your bathroom storage, use a wine rack as a way to store your towels. This way, you’ll be able to include style and practicality into your bathroom decor.?

Don?t Forget the Details

The last step of the bathroom remodeling process is adding all the little details. When remodeling your bathroom, think about the positioning of your towel rails, your toilet roll holder, etc. It will make things easy for you. So, when you’re exiting the shower, the towels are right there. Accessibility is key in a well-functioning bathroom.

However, even creating an illusion of a larger space is equally essential. To do so, you can hang your shower curtains as high as possible. Install them as high as you can, and this will create a spacious, open look.?

The bathroom is an essential part for your guests as well as your family. The decor in the bathroom needs to create a lasting impression on people using it.?

Accessorize the Bathroom

You can add accessories, artwork, scented candles, etc as the last step of your bathroom remodeling process. You’ll surely be pleased when your bathroom looks like a dream.?

Accessories that you can place to create visual contrast and accent include curtains, artwork, soap, hand soap dispensers, towels, wicker baskets, and tray dividers. This way, you can create a relaxing space without spending a lot of money.?

Lastly, one of the most appropriate ways to add color or accent to your bathroom is by placing a rug. You can replace it as and when you like to give your room a fresh feel.?