When it comes to small shower remodel, you need to be careful in your planning and budgeting before doing your demolition. Why? Because it definitely would cost you more for correcting mistakes in your redo.

If you are doing a budget shower remodel, make sure to read this article to avoid spending higher than what you have projected.

1. Being Nearsighted with your Shower Bath Remodeling

Indeed, you want to save on your cost for remodeling your shower and bathroom but you must never compromise quality when it comes to long-term benefits.

For instance, buying a laminate instead of a tile or stone can be a wrong decision when it comes to durability. It is best to read reviews about those products and materials you wish to have in your bathroom redo before installing them.

2. Demolition Before Planning

We recommend our homeowners not to proceed with their demolition when they have not properly planned what to do next. For instance, you want to demolish your existing shower and make it bigger. If you are saving on cost, then this move would entail a higher cost because you would have to move your plumbing works.

Likewise, you need to weigh if you want to retain both tub and shower, or just have one instead. Similarly, do you want to recycle other fixtures and materials or buy new ones? These are some of the things you need to consider beforehand.

3. Recycling Materials without Proper Inspection

This is a typical scenario with your shower and bath walls. If you wish to recycle them and place an overlay of wall panels, you need to check if the existing wall does not have any molds and mildews in its grout.

Meanwhile, you also need to check on your bathtub and shower if you plan on recycling them. For this purpose, you need to refinish and clean its edges and surfaces before installing them again.

4. Don’t Forget Your Besties – Molds and Mildews in Tile Grout

Your bathroom has plenty of moisture which serves as a good condition for molds and mildews to thrive. If you want to get rid of this problem, our seasoned bathroom remodeling technicians can install anti-grout wall panels on your bath and shower.

This reduces your requirements for scrubbing and cleaning the grout of your walls and floors. Likewise, it efficiently preserves the beauty of your bathroom with ease and convenience.

5. Forgetting About Your Shower Drain

How do you feel when taking a shower then the drain is clogged up and water starts to surround your feet? It is pretty nasty and uncomfortable, right? Planning for the strategic location and style of your shower drain might not be that sexy, yet it greatly affects your convenience when taking your warm or cold shower.

Consequently, our expert technicians can help you out with the planning, type, and installation of your shower drain. It can be that the drain is placed at the center or edge of your shower area.

6. Not Having A Handheld Shower

It may cost you more to have both options for your shower head but it is worthwhile when you think of its long-term benefits. Having both a wall-mount and handheld shower provides better versatility for different users in your home.

Moreover, your handheld shower is very useful for bathing your children and pets. Likewise, placing your handheld shower at an arm’s reach is beneficial for the elderly as well.

7. Not Having a Bench Seat and Handlebar

If your mom and dad plan to live with you, then you would have to consider their physical condition for your shower bath remodeling. Inline, do not forget to install a bench seat in your shower. Likewise, a handlebar would be nice to have to assist in their movement and avoid slippage.

If you have a small shower area, then go for a foldable shower bench seat. These things will also be useful in the future, by the time you will be old as well.


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